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Author:  BlackAmethyst [ Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:55 am ]
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Are we supposed to be endorsing that Wall'o'text bullshti above?

Author:  cluelessfurball [ Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:28 pm ]
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Well, without money we'd have to use the barter system. Which is the same thing as money, except instead of using paper and metal your using objects like I'll trade my mouse for your xbox. Coins and dollar bills are a symbol of energy. You work and you earn money.

And yeah, it's unfair, but life is unfair. It's basic logic. No one is equal. One person is born with more brain cells, another with a lot of brain cells. Some people are born ugly, some people are born good looking. Some peopel are just lucky, and could be a total moron and have a lot of money. It's just the way the world is. Life isnt fair.

The poor dont go hungry. There are food banks, soup kitchens, and most churches hand out food or give out food vouchers for grocery stores. No body needs to go hungry, unless they're too lazy to walk to a soup kitchen or whatever.

No ones holding back solar power. Some companies use it on their buildings. A certain goverment building in this town, most of it's power comes from solar power. Most of the water used in the building is funneled through the roof.

So I donno. I disagree with the idea. Though I'm clueless. That's why I am clueless furball. So dont even listen to me.

Author:  cluelessfurball [ Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:08 pm ]
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MidnightCrewBitchqueen wrote:
Are we supposed to be endorsing that Wall'o'text bullshti above?

I like what Kain said.

Author:  YomToxic [ Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:23 am ]
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Ah, TENT. How he's grown.

Author:  「H A N Z O」 [ Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:12 pm ]
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Author:  Odin Anarki [ Sat Oct 27, 2012 3:35 pm ]
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Lime wrote:
he Anti-Money Army

Hi there

Although forkheads has been a project where I created music for people to listen to I believe this new project which I’ve come up with is of equal importance and I must promote it.

Basically our money system is failing. Stock market crashes, depressions etc prove that our money system isn’t perfect but I’ve found out something else about our money system which is much worse than not perfect.

During the past few weeks I’ve still been a job seeker, so my job is to research corporations and I’ve found they all have the same goal which is profit above anything else. We can all agree on this.

When I compare that to my personal being I see this system unstainable in the long run, because the idea of the money system is to maintain profit and not human life or the planet we live on. Which means this system will eventually crash; there will be a stock market crash that will naturally end all money if it’s not out phased by us the people.

The reason it will eventually crash is because of the natural growth of our technology. Microsoft has recently tried to slow this down with windows vista, a heavier less efficient operating system to literally try to slow down our money system. Yet what will eventually happen with computers is that there will still be a demand for better computers, and the people will sack Microsoft, choosing something better. Making computers more efficient will speed up the process of finding that our current system is fated to fail. 

So what I suggest is not we just stop using money tomorrow, because although money is a completely unfair system it is the system we are currently living on, but rather we phase out money by giving out a never-ending complaint to everyone that we’re not happy with money.

Personally of what I’ve seen of the Venus project is a much better system than the money system we have today. You may or may not have heard of the Venus project yet through the plain obviousness there are some things you will already know about the Venus project if we go through and analyse them.

Is there enough power on earth to power the earth?

Yes, the sun is a massive amount of heat that is excessively given to us everyday. We are simply not using the technology to harness this energy. Plus the technology is held back by power companies wanting to sell you power from them burning fossil fuels.

Is there enough food to go around to all human beings?

Yes, it’s simply mismanaged; money creates a division between people. People believe that they are better or more privileged than the poor so they get to eat just because they have the money to do this. But the fact is this is a delusion. People with no money have just as much of a right to eat as the rich.

This isn’t just the Venus project though. People are trying to get off the grid in Australia for example. Buying solar power to reduce their power bills, but still the solar panels cost money, when the sun’s energy is in such a high amount this makes this insane because typically resources that are in such a high amount aren’t typically sold. For example no-one needs to sell leaves because they grow on trees everywhere (hopefully).

Plus the technology is so ill-developed it doesn’t allow people to fully get off the grid just partially so people are still paying for fossil fuels that still cause pollution.

So basically this is my argument for creating the Anti-Money Army. If you want to show your support please place the image below on your myspace page. Showing you’re unhappy with money. A corporation describes a corporation not making people happy as a corporation not doing their job, well who on earth would be happy about someone dumping waste in your backyard? NO-ONE. So no corporation is doing their job properly.

The money system to me it seems like it’s built on things being scarce. Like oil, oil has a limited supply on the planet. But the sun with all the energy it could provide us will rise and set until it burns out, which is our planet’s lifespan as well as the sun’s.

We aren’t creating technology which will secure life on this planet; we are making bombs to make sure we can destroy it. It all comes back to the unfairly built money system in my opinion, which is worth 2 cents since I have basically no money.

I get a Centrelink payment and since the Centrelink system with the job agency system & the government system not working together on a whole, there is so much confusion and disorder going on, that I get money with putting in basically no effort. Is this fair to all people that don’t get money from doing nothing? No. I admit this honestly, yet if I’m born into this unfair system all I can do is protest and encourage others to protest it.

So please join the anti-money army out of human interest and not self interest. Because we do want to ensure we can live on this planet for as long as possible, and with the money system crashing I see the future for people as being bleak.

The anti-money army
I want to give my music to people in whatever way I can and the only way to ensure that is to ensure that money will be phased out.

quoted from tent

fuckit, im still joining this.. or, well, already have

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