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 Veganitis: Symptoms and treatments 
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Post Veganitis: Symptoms and treatments
Being a vegan or vegetarian can be a healthy diet to clean your system as a cleanse diet and for some minority of people they can continue this diet indefinitely without any of the following symptoms. if however you have any of the following symptoms you most likely have Venganitis (also referred to in non medical terms as Soyboyism).

Symptoms of Veganitis include:
1: Decreased memory ability
2: Decreased mental processing ability
3: Decreased Logical thinking capability or capacity (being able to think less steps ahead in a logical sequence without trouble or taking long periods of time to do so, you can become easily talked into things and find it hard to put two concepts together or cross contrast two different standpoints on the same argument.)
4: Complacency (not wanting or caring to stand up for yourself in daily life situations when it doesn't threaten your life or life style)
5: Irritability (Caring way too much about issues that effect your chosen lifestyle or a small niche group and no one else, caring about your own feelings over the feelings of others and a desire to FIGHT for it hard through angry protests)
6: Decreased rationality (you believe doing crime or lying to support your cause is legal or righteous because you have lost the ability to consider other peoples perspectives objectively.)
7: Decreased Normal Sexual drive (not wanting sex as often as normal but when you want it you feel a need to spice it up with ever new ideas leading to strange and far out sexual tastes)
8: testosterone deficiency (Causes you to feel like a weak and frail victim and can diminish muscle growth and hair growth and lead to more serious problems like Hypothyroidism)
9: Loss of appetite (finding yourself not hungry when your body needs it and not really in the mood to eat when you are hungry.)
10: Gluten intolerance/allergy
11: Muscle and Joint problems: easily sprained, twisted, bruised or strained muscles, arthritis, ease of getting sports injuries and decreased mobility. finding it hard to gain muscle at the same rate as others without looking boney
12: Diabetes (high or low blood sugar, much easier to get Type 2 diabetes)
13: Increased cancer risk.
14: Anemia, Pale complexion due to decreased blood production
15: excessive bleeding when cut due to decreased platelet production
16: weak immune system around diseases and poisons due to insufficient white cell production.
17: loss of bone marrow/ sudden unexplained loss of weight
18: brittle fragile bones easy to get splinters, crack or break.
19: Bone Marrow Failure (a severe side effect of veganitis that usually only strikes babies, or the elderly who have been long time vegans, your bone marrow stops producing blood all together making you hospitalized and living off of donor blood till the supply runs out and you die or you get an infection that requires an immune system which you don't have and you die.)
20: Dizziness/fainting/lightheadedness when standing due to low blood amount, borderline anemia.
21: decreased vision quality, a need to get glasses or upgrade your prescription to stronger lenses. including various retinal and macular degenerations

Veganitis is a serious issue that can effect your health well being and all aspects of your life, work and lifestyle.
If you start to have any of the above symptoms you will need to consult a doctor and a dietician to determine what deficiency or over-sufficiencies you may have due to your diet.

At home remedies can vary based on your symptoms but we suggest:

Increase your cow and goat based dairy intake for bone problems
Increase your Chicken or duck egg intake for bone and muscle production.
eat fish and shellfish for mental issues and motivation or sexual drive
eat fatty meats for joint problems and mental issues
eat lean meats for muscle and blood production and testosterone increases.
Decrease your soy and grain intake
Decrease your green vegetable intake
Closely and carefully monitor your fruit intake to avoid anemia, stop fruit intake all together if even a small amount can make you feel light headed when standing.



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Post Re: Veganitis: Symptoms and treatments
That almost sounds like vaginitis, but don't forget the beans!

Training in real (what?) exercise is gud too.
Just don't go all out jack the big jacking, it's not healthy training anyways.
It's like fasting... okay, so it's fasting to an extent.

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