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 We've known this, Call them Groomer more often. 
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Post We've known this, Call them Groomer more often. ... -outraged/

We've known it. I said it years and years ago. it's the whole rainbow acting as groomers and the politicians that support that rainbow are groomers as well. it's only natural that so many of the politicians and pushers also get caught in major child sex acts.

So yeah, use the word groomer more often in your daily life. it identifies the quality of their character IMMEDIATELY.

this is the start of the war. Israel Vs the Benjamites all over again.

the word groomer is our version of a raped till death concubine cut in 12 peices and sent through the tribes of israel.

The benjamites hate it. because it's so true. they thought no one would ever point it out in the mainstream.

The whole rainbow relies on the word never being used preemptively. simply put and I'll say it again as I've been saying it for years;

Adult Sexuality needs to be a Private thing, between adults.
The rainbow both wants to and is told that they need to broadcast their adult sexuality into the public sphere of experience in order to "normalize" it, they especially want children to see it because that normalizes it to the next generation. However that fits the description of Pedophilic Grooming towards a vile adult sexuality. TV shows and movies in example are not licensed educatiors or psychological professionals who are licensed to talk about sex with children but lo and behold they push the rainbow there too.
Children cannot legally make decisions about sex nor sexual actions. they nor their parents nor any adult have this authority, simply because children are not mentally ready to make these decisions nor deal with the outcomes of them. instead they need to focus on learning other things.

Adult Sexuality != compatible with "Public Spaces", especially spaces that can include children.

And this is a legal incompatability!

the exception is Private Spaces, where children are not legally permitted entry. if some kid hears something there, it's some adults fault for letting them in in the first place.

but the rainbow and it's organizers know this and have known this for a long time. their biggest argument they have voiced is "Children can be rainbows too" and they are desperately in action to try to make that a normalized reality. Except by doing so they are getting caught in a legal trap. they are literally becoming pedophilic groomers. they are literally crossing the line, this is not a false flag, this is the real deal.

And thats why it cuts so deep when "groomer" is used to define them publically. It needs to be chanted, along with "PEDOPHILE" and "Stay away from our children you sicko groomer!"

btw please spam this. it gets it bumped. and makes it visible.



got any?

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