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 [Potential Novel/Film?] Emo COVID MDMA Drama (COVID 1984)? 
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 [Potential Novel/Film?] Emo COVID MDMA Drama (COVID 1984)?
It's been a while, but I supposed there's too much public media and news coverage for COVID.

I suppose that the story goes like the COVID pandemic has mutated into a potential agent of warfare. Government personnel are ordered to keep a hush on such secrets. The panic caused a lockdown, which disrupted relationships based on the isolation guidelines. Two (mentally unstable) MDMA/rave-induced lovers are tragically separated by the regional police task force. They go emo due to increasing call of state of emergency and enforcement in martial law. According to the pair, mental stability, or their high state of ecstasy/euphoria, can be achieved with continued intimate coupling. The two gone emo to the extent of pursuing suicidal urges. Regardless, the authorities of law and health remains determined in increasing isolation between the two while administering publicly unknown test mutagen vaccine. The assumption is that the coronavirus mutation is the worst scenario than the risk of suicide. However, the real reason could be for political or personal purposes (e.g. envy) by the decision of agency or person.

Due to growing economic pressures and unrest, the state is losing its ability to maintain upkeep against the mutation. The two managed to keep in contact with one another, but are separated once again with reprimand or warning for failure to comply with lawful order. The two seem to caught symptoms after the contact, but the state of euphoria was founded as well.

It appears that during the research for the coronavirus vaccine, certain tests dealing with HIV, COVID, and 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), were not given safety measure protocols. Whatever the MDMA is for, seems like an experiment based on DNA spliced sterility mosquitoes. The point is to mix the modified COVID strain with the original one. The next produced batch of viruses should not incur severe health symptoms. The MDMA introduction was supposed to help multiply the non-symptom viruses. Yes, that was supposed to include intimate/sensual/sexual contact. Unfortunately, there was an outbreak of symptom MDMA COVID. No one is sure if the outbreak actually leaked a successful or failed strain of non-symptom viruses. It's like the love plague or something like that.

Back to the story, the two go onto some personal struggle like LOVID novel/film like 1984 or Lolita. There's going to be references to "Till death do us apart", "Love is forever", possible political/moral dissent, and possible political/moral exploration. The title is probably going to be Corona '84, COVID '84, LOVID '84, or something like that. Of course, inspiration might be drawn from 'Mem and Zin 'and 'Pyramus and Thisbe'.

As for the regional police and medical staff, there seems to be confusion and conflict between different level of governance. Some of the brass are more concerned about a growing population ripe for mutiny, rebellion, and civil unrest/war. Not to mention other population-related problems. It would appear that COVID can be a population control mechanism. But how can society control nature or even love? Nature and love have a way of things.

Some of the regional authorities got the suspicion of conspiracy, controversy, and intrigue. Fewer started their own power struggle. It would seem that the COVID pandemic is a pretext of civil war. Oh, and cautionary tale.


No, this idea is not a protest for manga, anime, or anything pornographic in nature. However, there are claims that such material are considered a turn-off for the general population of society. Others mention even pornocracy from the thriving of such influences. I wouldn't really know, but that's another story for another day.

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