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OK fuckwits. Tit's time to stop getting throttled by your ISP.

the majority of internet slowdown can be found in DNS lookups during connection to a given website or location. Some ISPs such as COMCAST flag certain types of traffic for DNS throttling. such as torrents and video streaming and game servers. They start doing this when a program sends a URL to the server, the ISP looks it up and determines with bots whether or not you should be looking at it. and if it determines no one should look at it, it refuses to forward you to your DNS server of choice and instead forces handling of DNS lookups via your ISP server itself and then throttles the hell out of you.

if you cannot connect to your specified DNS provider, you cannot resolve URLs into IP addresses and cannot view pages that the ISP doesn't want you to.

In these cases you need to be your own DNS server.

now you are like :confused "hao duh phuq du ai duz that?"

you will need to change the settings of your network adapter's IP v4 connection settings under network and sharing center> change adapter settings> rightclick> properties> Internet Protocol Version 4> Properties

here you want to select "use the following DNS Server addresses"

normally we'd plop in a DNS provider we trust here. but if your ISP is beig a dick and refusing to let you contact a DNS provider other than itself and then blocking all your free anime streams, hentai torrents, swf content sites or russian news websites etc. then no matter what goes in here you wont see a difference. you'll still timeout or get megathrottled.

So, for DNS server, you Put

you can put or or as a backup is the local host. by putting this in as the primary DNS host your computer will attempt to resolve URLs to IP addresses by asking your own computer if it knows what means in a geolocation routing number "IP".

:confused :confused :confused :confused
:fireeye :fireeye :fireeye :fireeye :fireeye :fireeye
"Ai didz its! nao mah intarnatz iz brokex0rs! HALP!!!!"
:black :black :black :black
:fireeye :fireeye :fireeye :fireeye :*.*

You're going to have to populate a file called "hosts" in windows/system32/drivers/etc/ with a full list of the URLs and IP addresses of all the sites you normally visit, or want to visit.

this means you'll also need to do a "URL to IP address" search on (you'll need duckduckgo's IP address before you start) and find a website which gives you the IP of the URL and test it to see if it's legit(if it's not legit, find another URL to IP search and test it till you find a workign IP, then save the IP of that URL to IP site and bookmark it), then add it into the hosts file.

do this for every website you want to see.

Congrats, you are now your own DNS server!

one problem remains.


find another social media site which isn't run by the mentioned companies.
in hosts do
insert IP address of your other social media site
:errg :pirate

we're cooking with butthurt faggot tears now!! :whysosrs

oh, also spread this system to other people. go to net cafes and reconfigure the system there to shadowban facebork goorble and twatter too.
do it at libraries.
do it anywhere you find a public computer.
put up an article about fixing internet speed and tell them how to do it and give then the hosts file and tell them to replace their hosts file with the one you upload there. :errg

prepare for it to be in the news. prepare for the Angry NPC Stare " :whysosrs whysoserious suckerborg?"

and prepare for the tears and the butthurt reports to flow.




got any?

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Sat Apr 02, 2022 4:13 pm
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That's so Do-It-Yourself Guerrilla hacker style, especially for the fucking Windows (in my case, it started breaking down in a 32 bit data flow architecture [first the internet explorer, then some sites, then the time sync]). Must be the reinstallation period, I guess.

If ISP is being a fucking dick, usually, you can complain about it. The administration might give you a clue about how they are processing data transmission. In certain cases, it might be true, especially for malwares and data clogging sites (e.g. p0rn show business sites tend to data mine with all kinds of snooping activities just to get as much marketing information as possible, and that's just the legal aspects of it). Usually, you can just control yourself to reduce the level of data consumption in a timely manner.

If there are certainly denial-of-service (DoS) attacks from ISP, well, certainly they can just simply configure their servers against the software/driver of the networking hardwares, even to the point of severing power activation. They don't need to deal with clients and their computers. If they can, it is nearly the equivalent of a totalitarian/indoctrination Big Brother network. Just gotta be those new computers with freaking secure boot modes and other proprietary software/hardware configurations. People had warned the public about Bill Gates and the like. I'm sure he isn't the only one. There are certainly other corporations and institutions that may deal with such data activities. Yes, we mustn't forget the imfamous hackers/crackers that commit significant cyber crimes. However, I think that they are just a slice of the pie, be it known or unknown.

It is a good thing that you are able to be your own DNS provider, providing your own DNS service. It's good, for now. Eventually, something might break down. If hackery of Windows goes to that much of an extent, to the point of configuring system files, typing down advanced terminal commands, interfacing with bootload process, and even writing in programming language, well, you might as well migrate to a operable Unix or Unix-like OS! After all, you are messing with system files, if not user session files. If that Windows boot installation medium breaks down in any circumstance (e.g. let us say from overuse/tampering due to an increase of burglary/cyber crime rates), you are pretty much screwed with a expensive repurchase of copies and/or backups. I recommend using operable Linux or Unix-likes in these types of scenarios. You don't know if people might been messing with the OS from virtual and physical angles. The ISP might be reacting to that type of activity even though it is not your fault at all! At least, with a operable Linux/Unix-like, you can get copies for free, like walking in the park on a fine day. Then, if you want, you can make your own DNS provider. I mean, it's still the same result, but thinking ahead is not a bad idea.

Contingency plans at deployment!


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Sun Apr 03, 2022 12:44 pm
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