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 The Personal Linux/Unix/Unix-like OS Installation and Setup 
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Post The Personal Linux/Unix/Unix-like OS Installation and Setup
It's been a while since I done any of my projects, but I been busy (at times). Still, it's a thing a thing a thing.

Before we go on, I would like to say that security is definitely a must than just Linux. Linux is claimed to be a secure OS, but it is only as secure as its management. While virtual deterrence can be a great thing, it is only as great as physical deterrence. We're talking crimes here? Well, it is what it is. The very OS, while deemed as a nothing to users, is a valuable asset to fucking scum and low lives who deserve a lower life. Treat the OS as valuable asset, before it gone to squander. Handle (stomp) trashbags (as mercilessly) as they are. Inform the authorities and invest in safety precaution/inspection. I will go pondering about safeguarding on some other condition (too many fucked up shit going on, especially during [coronavirus] apocalypse/aftermath).

Now, I will speak about the fanboi shit fest going on the board. People do get frustrated and yes, Linux is just another Unix-like. BSD is also another Unix-like. Too bad the Unix Inc sued the original BSD to decommission. If people still want to use BSD variants, go on ahead, but don't expect Unix to lay down and die (forget about it).

One opening post as tutorial isn't going to cut it, as Linux is a thing of many things of many things. It will eventually be used as a summary. No, I won't stick in a user manual and call it a day, this is the board, where board things happen. Yes, I post this shit here because it is quite the maintained, archiving, and active site. I would like to thank forkheads for this service. I probably couldn't thank you enough. I gushed enough, I'll stop. Stop.


The first thing I'll going to do, is to state my personal haggling experience with Linux. Linux, is by far, not a offline entity. That is the very first thing you must fucking learn. If you want to keep things offline, it is still possible, but continued operation will increasingly rely on online connection. Internet service can be fucking expensive. This is especially true for the hurling pile of Linux branded packages and its occasional file size. If you have to be a loser hippie like a homeless bastard orphan cozing up to the burning trash can, only mother nature and fate can decide.

After running routine of OS shit, I have narrowed down my choices. Note that I did not say I recommend them all, but it is a matter of interest given its potential specialization.

Guix; great bootloader, great lock screen too, occasional operability flaws with certain Linux branded programs and services. Hates proprietary to the extreme. Media programs like VLC, may have GUI operability issues. You just can't interface for a certain action, even if your life depended on it. Hates GUI package installation to the extreme. Expects compilation of source code instead. Server/repository may not have the required dependencies for source code compilation or installation from pre-compiled material from the serve. Until the whim of the server/repository's admin acts upon, you're stuck between a Altas weight and a hard place. Even then, (custom) installed programs may not be indexed into the application menu. Still, you can run them with the appropriate desktop/panel launcher semantics. Comes in 32 and 64 bit. While there is a lackish of support on non-system software, it excels in system design. If it weren't for my personal preferences, I would choose this OS above all Linux alternatives. Dunno about other Unix-likes.

Astra Linux; A Debian-based variant by the friendly staff of Russia. Its server/repository is a bit limited due to the nature of the OS. Unless you wanted to be in state surveillance, it's usually a common rule to follow with the instructions. Otherwise, it's a pretty good OS. Comes in 64 bit.

Debian; This is the Linux OS that could replace Windows or Macintosh. It has plenty of proprietary support, enabling the services of media format garbage and etc. Known to support wifi hardware recognition. It is also known to be bloated. It is to be expected. There's not much to be expected afterwards. High chance of package registry in file system index. Other than that, pretty easy, pretty normal if not slick. Comes in 32 and 64 bit.

PureOS; This is Debian under the GNU standard. It's like Debian divided by Guix. While it looks restrictive, it's pretty good given its Debian-based design. Includes live boot mode operation, OS installation time is about 15 ~ 30 minutes estimate, and good bootloader (it's not as good as Guix though, lock screen is way below par from Guix; tis a shame). Use of desktop environment interfaces limited, but server/repository allows the XFCE DE. DE boasts capability in custom interface design (at least in the taskbars/panels). There's probably more benefits, but it is said to be resource cost efficient (probably in terms of electric unit consumption). I can't prove this claim, but that's what people say. I suggest to properly install this interface with the proper instructions. Comes in 64 bit. 64 bit recommended for continued/recent program and service support. This OS, I like, I recommend.


When you do install this shit, always opt for encryption of drive volumes. If pass annoy you, it is rule. Listen to Linux, obey Linux. Other than that, you should be a-okay in terms of pre-installed software, programs, and software. Sorry if the start is so scant, it is a starting step. More to, steadily, come.


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