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 a general overview of Shapekey tips in blender 3D 249b 
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Post a general overview of Shapekey tips in blender 3D 249b
Eye lids, eyebrows, tongues, and lip movement, breasts, and also pussies and other holes and things that go in them or interact with them SHOULD be animated via SHAPEKEYS not armatures alone!.

Further more although SUB Shapekeys can target a specific Vertex Group on the model (such as the eye lids on the Left in example), the BASIS Shapekey MUST reference the ENTIRE MESH/Model. Also keep in mind that Unlike in flash where a shape can lose or gain vertexes/nodes lines and filling etc. on a frame by frame basis in a Shape Tween, this is not true of blender Meshes! in Blender if any part of the geometry is added or removed after a shapekey basis has been added, then the shapekey basis and all sub shapekeys immediately become broken! if attempting to use the shapekeys on a timeline animation NOTHING will happen. The shapekeys will need to be reassigned to the current edited mesh! This is even true if the shapekey in question is in a different vertex group than the area where you made geometry changes! in example you could have a slew of shape keys for the lips for each letter in the alphabet, but then decide that you want the boobs to be bigger and rounder and so you subdivide and ad more vertextes and round them. even though it's done in a different area that doesn't even touch the mouth the BASIS has no been broken and all other keys are based off changes from that basis! so the lip shapekeys are not broken too!

For this reason All and any Shapekeys should always be done AFTER ALL the Armature and Lattice rigging and mesh editing has been done! why rigging? because when rigging joints of the body you may have to add or remove vertexes, edges or faces in order to make it bend correctly. this is especially true for the problem areas of the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and fingers.

Some tips:

The basis shapekey for a single mesh character body should have the eyes Open, the lips in a straight face (non-expressioned), the eyebrows at default and relaxed, and all holes at their default shape not gaping open and not too tightly closed.

Shapekeys do not work on lattices in the game engine! they just don't have that option in the logic bricks. What is a lattice anyway? a lattice is like a cage you put around a part of an object and it creates it's own warped universe inside that box where if the box is left at the default shape no change happens to the mesh, but if you edit the lattice shape the part of the model assigned to it will suddenly warp as if to proportionally fill the space made or lost by the change in shape of the lattice. so if you added a lattice to breasts and then modified the lattice to move up and down a bit at the nipple end then you could make it look like the breasts are bouncing during a jump animation. but as stated this only works during Rendered Animation NOT in the game engine! in rendered animation you can even make the lattice into a softbody and have things collide with it in real time and auto jiggle the breasts in example.

Shapekeys Do work on Meshes in the game engine in the logic bricks they have a "Shape Action"' actuator. this means if you wanted to do a breast jiggle animation and wanted to use the lattice to make it happen, you would make a shape Basis of the mesh without boob jiggle, add the lattice, make the change to the lattice for the Breasts Bounce Up Key, then make a SUB shapekey on the mesh, then APPLY the changes from the Lattice (deleting the lattice in the process), enter edit mode with the Meshes Breast Bounce Up shape key active and exit edit mode to save the shape to the key. then return to the BASIS of the mesh's shapekey and add another key for Breast Bounce Down, wash rinse repeat.

Lattices DO work on Meshes in the game engine! BUT ONLY as a CONSTRAINT. whereas in animation you can Parent a mesh to a lattice for the same effect, except in that case if you enter the game engine the object is invisible! LOL!. so always add a lattice constraint if you intend it to be for animation and gameplay (such as with fitting anime eyes into their eye sockets).



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