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 Kanojo Mo Kanojo Sim Date (The Doujin) game proposal 
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Post Kanojo Mo Kanojo Sim Date (The Doujin) game proposal
(From The Infinite Mind Fuck)



Note: This game will be presented in Mitracon after completion.


1. Gameplan

2. Incomplete Aspects

3. Complete Aspects

4. Protect Team (will be in credits)


This game will be presented as a 2-D interactive novel with a diologue box featuring animated chibis of the main character to display the character's motivations and emotions regarding each potential choice the player can make. When making a bad choice, the player will have the potential to recieve a strike from the offended girl, and upon three strikes, the romantic options for that girl will be locked. Upon three strikes, the player will be given the choice to return to the point in the story where they received their first strike from the locked girl, and try again, forcing them to make a difficult choice to either finish the story with their mistakes intact, or lose progress with other girls. There will be some options that causes an immidiate strike three, and some choices that cause an immediate endgame where their choices until that point detirmine which ending they receive. There will also be hidden clickable easter eggs throughout the game, sometimes referencing previous forkheads games or members, but also cheat codes that can be used in a new game plus. It is possible to get the best ending on one's first playthrough, and some diologue options will be locked behind a skill wall, and only usable in new game plus (sort of like in the Persona games).

There will be a pause button, a menu button, and an energy bar. The pause button does exactly what it sounds like, muting all sound and overlaying a mostly opaque black frame on top of the game (to protect players who are in a public area or at work from getting sideways glances from people who may walk up behind the player). The menu button will feature an inventory button, an easter egg collection display button, a mute music button, and a stat menu button.

The inventory button does exactly what it sounds like, displaying the players current inventory. the Easter Egg collection button will bring up a frame displaying the collected Easter Eggs, information about each collected easter egg, and in the case of cheat codes, a description of what the cheat code will do in new game plus. The mute music button will mute the music without bringing up the opaque screen, in case the player doesn't want the music. The Stat menu button will display certain stats (for instance whether they have made a girl fall in love with them, hate them, sleep with them, whether the player has "accidentally" brushed up against a girls ass, tits, thighs, or hands. It will also display the current number of strikes the player has with each girl. It will also display the players current stat levels, and there will be a tracker for how often each skill has been used in a diologue option, and how to increase stats.

The stats will be: Charm, Dominance, Submissiveness, Intelligence, and Morality. All stats will be needed to achieve the best ending, wherin the player ends up marrying all four of the girls in the story. There will be endings for every combination of possible girls, as well as a bad end where the player gets his ass kicked by all of the girls and dies alone.

Incomplete Assets:

1. Vector Art of characters in all necessary poses (all images are to vector art drawn from outfits/poses in the anime. Nude character art is to be produced by artists approved by Yomuchan, TheInfiniteMind(Fuck), and/or Odin Anarki

1. Mukai Naoya (protagonist)

2. Saki Saki (Tsundere)

3. Minase Nagisa (Dere Dere)

4. Hoshizaki Rika (Yandere/Tsundere fusion)

5. Kiryuu Shino (Dere Dere towards Saki Saki, Tsundere towards Mukai Naoya)

2. Vector Art of landscapes (all landscapes are to be vector art drawn directly from scenes in the anime)

1. Bathroom at home

2. Living Room (some angles show the patio in background, others show kitchen in background, some show dining room in background)

3. Patio (one shows the patio from right inside the house, another shows the patio looking in towards the living room)

4. Classroom

5. storage room (at school)

6. School Roof

7. Various landscapes of the market for the fireworks show scenes

8. Hot Springs landsapes

9. other

3. gameplay music

All gameplay music will be either produced directly from a Forkheads member, or otherwise creative commons without attribution (if artist cannot be contacted) if artist can be contacted, they will be presented with the proposed use of their music and asked permission. if permission is granted, they will be credited. any suggested music tracks should be sent to TheInfiniteMind(Fuck) for approval.

4. Credit music

Will be produced by whole team near completion of the final build of the game

5. game programming

If you would like to help program the game, please contact either Yomuchan or TheInfiniteMind(Fuck)

6. alpha testing

Will be announced when working build is complete. Will not include all images/landscape, but must contain a functioning UI and all choosable options and all paths.

7. beta testing

Will be announced when beta build is complete. Will include the three strikes mechanic, as well as new game plus testing.

8. Final build testing

will be announced when all mechanics, art, and music is completed

9. Credits scene

Will be made by TheInfiniteMind(Fuck) upon completion of Final Build Testing. All testers will be credited.

10. Narration (optional. If not all characters can be voiced, none of them will be)

If you would like to voice one of the characters, please contact TheInfiniteMind(Fuck). Mukai Naoya will be voiced (if narration becomes included) by TheInfiniteMind(Fuck), so only biological females need volunteer for these roles. I really hope I don't need to explain why.

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