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 Tor Networks Are Said To Be Compromised! 
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 Tor Networks Are Said To Be Compromised! ... iversities

I think Tor proxy/browser and its proxy/browser required networks/sites, are really just a proxy or VPN in general. There's really not much difference other than (encrypted or unencrypted) data sent through multiple proxy servers acting as fronts. Its operation intends to diffuse data traffic direction/information/etc. Tor as in traffic jam? Perhaps. Regardless, even the wikipedia page says that the Tor development team welcomes cyberattacks due to the nature as a government-funded research application than a practical application. Just call Tor too beta for practical municipal/industrial/commercial/residentail consumer application. Remember that Tor, like proxies or VPNs, is dependent on its participating hosts. If the host proves to be malevolent or malicious in nature, well good luck on dodging that cyberattack!

And then there's Eldo Kim, who made a really bad example as a malicious Tor user. He practically sent a bomb threat against Harvard on the year 2013! The rest of the students don't need Eldo Kim or such wasteful instances of time and effort. If he's going to be a contribution to society, he ought to compensate big time, considering that his act is pretty close to Washington DC. There's that Seung-hui Cho who committed the Virginia Tech shootings on the year 2017. I don't know the resemblance, but the two actors are definitely near the proximity of Washington DC. Who can trust who? Think about that Nazi/imperial Sun Myung Moon with his subversive Washington Times periodical. Not to mention his evil crony named Soon Ja Du, who killed Latasha Harlins and ignited the Los Angeles riots of the year 1992.

Given the facts, Eldo Kim can help bring down Sun Myung Moon, the Unification movement, Washington Times, and/or Soon Ja Du in the name of justice. In addition, helping Los Angeles to truly recuperate from riot incitement is a recommendation. If we are talking about true forgiveness and true reconciliation, I believe my suggestions couldn't be any higher than the standards of the International Military Tribunals after World War 2 and as well as United Nations.

Back to the Tor project, it needs to have certain binding agreements should it continue its research as number one priority nature. That way, participating volunteers/users cannot just sue and/or press charges against the project. Like Arpanet, its development should continue with consideration of commercialization of the multiple proxy/VPN relay network. Of course, like VPNs, there should be safe inspection and other security measures carried out by the master/broadcast/lobby server on its list/index of host servers. Of course, privacy is quite the lofty goal at hand. Maybe, a Tor project or VPN is better off within a secured company's operation, security-wise, of course.

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