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 Possible Source of Erythritol is URINE, PISS! 
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 Possible Source of Erythritol is URINE, PISS!
So I happened to chance upon researching the ingredients of a Genki Forest's sparkling water, flavour Lime & Cactus. One of the ingredients is erythritol. This chemical compound is said to be the alternative substitute/replacement of sugar itself.

The said benefits of erythritol itself, are said to maintain blood sugar or insulin levels for diabetic people and prevent tooth decay and dental plaque. ... lin_levels (as reference, not exact context) wrote:
The natural source occurrence and production of erythritol itself, are some fruits and fermented foods. It is also produced from human body fluids such as eye lens tissue, serum, plasma, fetal fluid, and urine. At the industrial level, it is produced from glucose by fermentation with a yeast, Moniliella pollinis.
What we have here, is a possibility of human piss to be used as some consumption material. I certainly don't want to intake piss. Even though I may understand these incidents as a mud pie story, I can't really promote such unhealthy practices. They say that the Chinese used urine in their tea due to commercial reasons. Obviously, something is either production process strain, or there's a hidden motive for such attacks.
It doesn't just end there. wrote:
Some species of Moniliella can cause disease in humans,[4] and also in cats.[5] The genus includes the black, yeast-like fungi in the Basidiomycota, although the black, yeast-like fungi also include some species from the Ascomycota.[6] ... th_animals ... teractions
| wrote:
Erythritol is preferentially used by the Brucella spp. The presence of erythritol in the placentas of goats, cattle, and pigs has been proposed as an explanation for the accumulation of Brucella bacteria found at these sites.[28] wrote:
the CDC has labeled Brucella species as highly weaponizable.
| wrote:
Brucellosis can affect any organ or organ system, and 90% of patients have a cyclical (undulant) fever. Though variable, symptoms can also include these clinical signs: headache, weakness, arthralgia, depression, weight loss, fatigue, and liver dysfunction. Foul-smelling perspiration is considered a classical sign. Between 20 and 60% of cases have osteoarticular complications: arthritis, spondylitis, or osteomyelitis. Hepatomegaly may occur, as can gastrointestinal complications.

Up to 20% of cases can have genitourinary involvement; orchitis and epididymitis are most common. Neurological symptoms include depression and mental fatigue. Cardiovascular involvement can include endocarditis resulting in death.

Chronic brucellosis is hard to define; length, type, and response to treatment are variable. Localized infection can occur. Blood donations of infected persons should not be accepted.[13]
| wrote:
No clinical trials exist to be relied on as a guide for optimal treatment,
Industrial production of Moniliella, if left unchecked, can be a biological, if not environmental issue.
Ascomycota is a fungi that has both meditative and military research/practical applications. Diseases from Ascomycota can range from deadly for weakened people to internal/external infections to people in general. It's fungi so it's not really just a virus or bacteria. Brucella, while a bacteria unrelated to Erythritol or Moniliella, is quite/very attracted to the substitute. It is considered a dangerous organism. There is no reliable treatment for its brucellosis infection. Careful to handle erythritol products/byproducts. Considering that production takes place in the PRC, it's really needs a head to toe examination requirement. With the coronavirus combined with various factors of hostilities set in place, you wouldn't know if there is actual intention from such products/services. It's kind of like a Russian chess match. You can say such abuses are similar to chemical/biological weapons use. Examples may be Zykon-B use for the Holocaust by the Nazis or Bubonic plague for Kaimingjie germ weapon attack (not as fast, but destructive nevertheless [we're talking about 250,000 civilians dead over the course of 5 years in testing] and planned Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night (ultimate weaponized bubonic plague brinking with American nukes at that time, but such implications will have uncontrollable long term effects in the future and Japan don't want worldwide animosity) by imperial Japan of the WW2 era.
People need to inspect such productions despite the difficulty. Usually it's just some controversy and we just leave it like that. However, inspection is not as through as investigation. There might be more than just a malpractice.


This brand happens to be one of Beijing's of PRC, disastrous commercial, if not political blunders. Since the brand name is 'Genki Forest', it is using a technically Japanese word for it. It is true that erythritol can be used as sugar alcohol and Japan seems to embrace its specified application. While the chemical compound can be as such, production and process is a different story. It's probably better to know the details.

With a controversy at hand, it could be also a possible diss of a piss by Beijing, particularly if the capital decides to slander Japan's reputation with brand matchmaking with malicious intention. I'm not sure how the brand became to what is it now, but let's not take decisions too far.

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