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 Moderation of Tier List Required 
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 Moderation of Tier List Required
It has to come the (liberal) cancel culture self-victimizers, that this idea, may infringe or disfranchise, the targets to unjust objectification.

Its origin started out safely with video game culture, where ratings are based on the educational grading scale. It is by the design of the video games, that you may require tier list measurements to experiment with the possible and impossible computational calculations. And we are all learning by individual, collective, universal, and meta levels. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz's cosmological argument ("Why is there something rather than nothing? The sufficient reason ... is found in a substance which ... is a necessary being bearing the reason for its existence within itself.") couldn't be any more close, yet far.

Of course, it is natural to classify information as our given intelligence allows the free will of conception and cognition. However, to take such charts for granted as absolute truths than relative truths (Albert Einstein reference), is a permissible misgiving to oneself, others, and environments. Do you think that what we know in at least this universe, that the facts remain absolute? With all physics calculations, you know that there are occurrence of contradictions ready to happen. And have we figure out everything, even to a level of God? We could just be on the start or witnessing a change of occurrence.

It is only that such tier lists are soon to be presumed deemed determined with other traits not held accountable by science, law, and religion. Yet, tier lists are barely the scratch of formulas, arguments, and meta critique assessments. We must always emphasize on the potentials and limitations of such ratings. We cannot just say that there is always a predetermined set of black and white mice in their respective isolated colored fur groups. What if an offspring becomes bald? How's that for a color?

What tier lists are really are, are lists as static variable values confined by set type and arrays.
They will never be as dynamic as argument parameters, conditions, and expressions. There are permutations of possibilities to consider! The numbers of interaction could greatly outweigh the set variable values of a tier list.


At times, those (liberal) cancel culture self-victimizers can stand as the righteous shepherds they claim to be. So they may get debates wrong, but at least they try as (sometimes) it's the thought that counts.

Here's an example.

Tier list of hawt gurls :awesome :awesome :awesome
Okay, anything else? People don't just want hawt gurls, people want dominatrixes and submissives. I mean, it is supposed to be 'oh so hawt' glamor mode? It's true that such refined interest can take place.
But for reals?
Sometimes, you got to look under the hood. The tier list isn't science, law, or religion. How could it have any explanation to guide your life? In fact, tier list isn't life, particularly yours. Wait, scratch that out. Tier list isn't the freedom given to you. You must remember that.

Among the lies, deceptions, and manipulations, our minds and souls must transcend into actualization and enlightenment. We cannot let silly tier lists take over our gift that is freedom. That gift is to be cherished.

Speaking of freedom, we have the right to know the fucking fine print of these fucking tier lists! Are there fucking ruses, groups waiting to ambush, or conspiracies? Under the power of the law, we must prevail as jury, judge, and executioner of tier lists, not the tier lists be jury, judge, and executioner of us.


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