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Post Tits Boobs breasts love pillows jiggle jugs
Tits Boobs And Breasts Fun Bags and Love Pillows, Jiggle Juggs, Milk Dispensers and Mellons.

there are multiple things which define breasts.

one main element is softness/firmness , it is connected to the elasticity which is an ability to stretch and or vibrate/jiggle.

the firmness of the breast has 3 parts:
1: Skin thickness and tightness = Elasticity.
2: Percent of fat distribution
3: Percent Breast tissue distribution

Breast tissue is actually more or less solid and non-elastic a higher concentration of this will result in Firm and sensitive breasts.

Fat tissue is jiggly and soft a higher concentraction of this will result in less firmness and more softness causing sagging of some amount.

Skin thickness and tightness also effects things, if the skin is very thick it will be more elastic increasing tightness and thus make up for sagginess due to fat, if it is very thin however it will not provide this support causing more sagging.

Secondly tightness, the more lose the skin is the further the nipple will droop and the more the breast will sag.

the tighter the skin is the more perky the nipple will be and the less the breast will sag.

next is chest shape, width and rib-cage angulation

women's chests are generally triangular (wider than their waist), the taper of this triangle can determine how the breasts overhang, a square chest would have only overhang at the side none at the side-bottom, where as the more triangular a shape is increases overhang on the side-bottom.

one aspect of this is the angle of the ribcage, typically highest in the middle and tapering off to the sides will cause the breasts to sag out toward the sides, where as a more flat ribcage angle will produce more front facing breasts. and a rib-cage that is low in the center highest at 25% and tapers off will produce front facing breasts pressed together.

Chest width defines the total area for the breast to grow, causing the capability to have large cup sizes, however simple comparison of the width to the height will determine roundness, as the chest gets wider without getting taller the breasts become a wide-oval shape and less round. as it is in more of an equilibrium you get rounder more circle-framed breasts. if the chest space is taller than it is wide you get a top to bottom ovular shape which can also increase cupsize without sagging to-the-sides.

Last we talk areola and nipple size.

this also depends on the same things as breast firmness, but more heavily on the skin thickness and tightness as the breasts grow. at any point in the growth the skin thickness and tightness could become less or more. if the skin thickness stays high without getting too tight, the areola will remain small though the breast grows larger this may cause the nipple to get longer but not increase width. If the skin gets thin and tight during a growth phase the areola will be stretched and expand and the nipple will start to grow wider to match but will not get longer.

last nipple shape is determined by chest shape and mirrors the breast shape as a whole.



got any?

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