Origin of Biblical Magi ([Three] Wise Men/Kings)?
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Author:  RV-007 [ Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Origin of Biblical Magi ([Three] Wise Men/Kings)?

Okay, I am getting concerned about the Christian faith dissing the Middle East when the Biblical stories recall a matter of the Biblical Magi. An estimate of three dudes, of presumably great wealth, decided to give some gifts to the prophet (or something like that) Jesus. Now, the three and Jesus all went to worship Christianity. Isn't it strange for the Magi, one (Balthazar [magus]) presumably from Arabia, one (Caspar [magus]) presumably from India, and one (Melchior [magus]) presumably from Persia, to be of Christian faith when the countries nowadays worship a different religion instead? Regardless, I held respect for the three kings (mostly due to them being prestigious and all) and their role with the Nativity, which is quite a big deal. I mean, this is Jesus Christ before you know of his death and resurgence. I might overlook Christianity as an excuse to encompass some world wide mutual peace/community.

Now, I don't know what is a Christian's role in trashing the terrorism context and consider just the exceptional Magi as an exception. It's like saying, "Them fuckers", but there needs to be an address if racial context includes the Magi. I guess it's just a rule of thumb.

As for them j00s, well, there a plenty of waging on thy enemies, but they are said to be the enemy of Jesus Christ as well! It's like if Jesus came and said, "Hey, those are my benefactors you're talking shit about. You going to hell!". I think know how the story between the j00s and Jesus went down. He's like a paid dude.


Okay, got through the context, back to thesis statement. I am concerned mostly about bitching blog sites that act like a secondary voice piece to news outlets. Sometimes, some of them hide behind the Christian image, but they never paid heed to Jesus (or maybe not enough for me to notice). One example was just dissing quotes, well, how about them Middle East kings? It's like being a j00 about it! So what? Jesus got freebies and it's somehow alright like j00 rights to stomp down the kings or something like that? There's got to be a reason why them kings visit Jesus. There's a purpose in mind of a grand scheme to be carried out. Maybe, it's a tribute to ask for help or even repent or something? You know?

Quite the theoretical fling in the air. End of this post, whatevers.

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