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 Time to make your survival kits 
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Post Time to make your survival kits
the world seems to be getting fucked up fast, like a crackwhore that stumbled into her supplier's production and storage shack while everyone was asleep.

So this is serious shit, they are starting to force people to get the DNA altering coronavirus injection they are calling a vaccine. there have already been arrests in france and canada for going out in public without it.

So, you need to be prepared. I mean the next step will be arresting people just for staying at home without it. landlords, rental/letting agencies, and local housing/city councils will likely find themselves under a mandate to kick people out of their homes who are not vaccinated. and with it being illegal to be outside without a vaccine in these same places, that means it warrants your immediate arrest, followed by possible forced vaccination, cause they can't put you in jail without being vaccinated either.

Again, you need to be prepared. You need to be prepared to declare martial law for yourself and pull a runner.

we are talking more than just surviving the elements, you need to be prepared to hide as a super ninja.

We are talking:
1: heat reflecting emergency blankets to modify and use as clothing so they can't see you on infrared.
2: noise cancelling rubber insulation to also wrap around yourself so they can't hear you breathing or hear your heart beating or hear you talking. also good to use on the bottom of your shoes with a soft padded waterproof tred beneath it to prevent your shoes from making noise and to erase your shoe's tred marks so they cant find footprints.

next, we are not savages. you are going to need modern comforts.

3: coat a tent in the noise and heat blocking materials. on the outside make it look like stone or a hill.
4: you will need sleeping gear and multiple types of clothing.
5: personal hygiene products, preferrably ones that can last a long time.
6: A series of rechargable batteries that can last a long time so you can still use your tech.
7: a dry chamber to keep your tech in.

8: a secluded place where no one will bother to check or go. you might consider leaving that country, making a B-line for the nearest country with no covid mandates. I mean Mexico lets the south americans illegally migrate to the USA, why wouldn't they let you go hide out in honduras?

9: your ass will need food sources and means of getting more, and knowledge and practice of how to get more. a fishing pole is ok, but a net is better, Fucking fish steal bait and make you wait for days to get a bite. then theres fucking beavers and otters who steal bait. yeah nets are looking good. that and a nice pair of thick gloves to prevent bites and scratches from territorial otters who think your net trapped their fish, grab the little bastards, I have no idea how roast otter tastes but it'll send a clear message to any other dicks in the river to stay the fuck out of your net or run away rather than trying to defend the caught fish.. Grabby sticks are good both for dealing with animals and picking fruit. a bow and arrows comes in handy for deer and rabits and shit. a microscope and knowledge of what rabies looks like is also good, so your dumbass doesn't eat tainted venison.

10: some basic tools. think; "I will need enough tools to repair everything on this list"

11: know where to charge your tech. exterior power outlets, know where to find them and which ones are safe to use. some have really high voltages and cannot be used.

12: know where to find secluded free wifi, maintain a list of passwords for as many locations as you can. scout new ones as you travel under the cover of darkness.

13: metal spikes on the outside of some sturdy PVC ball might be good as a defensive cage to protect against bears, mountain lions and shit.

14: lastly as part of personal defense, you need to be able to protect yourself against other humans. that bow and arrow we talkeda bout earlier is shit in this situation. a crossbow might be better, but it'll need to be an automatic reloading one. also the ammo will need to be easy to remake if you lose it. but a gun is preferred, so you need to be able to make and refine metal into bullets, you could recycle cans and shit but the fire will give you away. best option is some form of energy weapon and a few extra batteries you can carry in a waterproof sealed pack with you. the vaccine-nazi secret police "vaccine-dodger" hunters will run if they see that they are not technologically equipped to take you on. - get out there Predator. but as a rule, only get violent when they wont listen to reason and you have no way to get away.

15: fire starting or gas cooking utilities.

this list is ideal. It's a large list and will weigh a lot. you will need some wheeled mechanism to carry it all. as well as ropes and grappling hooks and pullies to deal with getting it and you up walls and cliffs.

think travel, it might be handy to have a boat or an inflatable raft at least as and when it no longer becomes safe to hide around your home town. if you have a car it might be handy to have a few fake license plates for different states/countries and a selection of glossy spray-paints to redetail your car regularly so when authorities say "we have a vaccine dodger in the area in a black oldsmobile" you can listen to the police band radio and be like "yeah, tomorrow we are going blue" - and then jump states. but yeah cars are a hassle, gas and all that, and the fact they stick out like a sore thumb and are hard to hide. they are conveniet for fast travel but assume there will be traffic blockades on all the highways and roads leading out of state or into towns and cities. it'll be better to take a scenic route, watch out for private property though don't want to get your ass shot..



got any?

His name is not Robert Paulsen, His name is Gregory Matthew Bruni, he won so hard.

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Sat Oct 02, 2021 6:23 am
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Post Re: Time to make your survival kits
Well, there's no extreme state/state-sponsored terrorism, depression, or government shutdown soon. Various extremes states of emergency worth fighting for, huh? At least, it isn't a bath salt situation just yet.

I mean, I guess the coronavirus is like the black plague, I guess. Still, modern medicine will definitely slow down and eventually halt the process. I mean, it isn't like people forgot about hygiene and preventive health care, right? Right? If I'm wrong, then I suppose that there are some parts of the world that are in vulnerable risk. You know what's the irony? They can administer vaccines, why not the masks and other health care supplies? Funny to see that corporate powers are in control of the distribution.

Arrests without warrant? Quartering without just/probable cause or beyond a reasonable doubt? This is a violation of the fourth amendment (prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures, requiring warrant as well) as well as the third amendment (restrictions on the quartering of soldiers in private homes without the owner's consent, forbidding the practice in peacetime). Marital law? Well, the Boston Tea Party hadn't given up their freedoms just yet! Prepared to run? The American revolution isn't always about retreat. Besides, the federal state sovereignty is still law. If succession is required, or to happen, it isn't like it is nonnegotiable.

There's a matter of natural survival, as well as political/societal survival. We don't see vigilantes, partisans, rebels, guerrillas, revolutionaries, and anti-imperialists everyday, but it happens. Anyways, back to equipment. Sure you can get a set of inventory, but eventually you will need to resupply, repair, and improve the logistics in case of depreciation and limited life cycles. You'll have to learn how to be a cave/jungle/desert/wild/night man of the frontiers, you know what I mean? There's the ideal, which is a set goal, and there's the realistic enough, which is a sufficient enough solution/theory. I have to (eventually) opt out of high techy stuff. Things may happen to cause damage/loss. Where's the assurance/insurance for such scenarios? In terms of food acquirement methods in regards to hunting/fishing/trapping, gathering, and farming, you are right to improvising the food source. Just don't forget that cannibalism do exist even to this day. Barbaric? Savage? I'm afraid it is just so.

In terms of territory/property defense, a basic booby traps like a bear trap and punji sticks, can do wonders to at least slow down hostile advances. Why, if you can, deploy land mines in between wooden shoe boxes! HAU HAU HAU!

Self-defense in terms of bows and crossbows is a nifty concoction. There is a corporate fenris bow, which is a bow that supposedly gives a easier time to pull the string string, if not only allow reloads after shooting. It is quite the high tech bow mind you! I would be interested in molotav cocktails and other simple fire starter/bomb devices. A scorched earth policy is instated!

Weight load will vary and you will definitely need to adapt to the situation at hand. I mean, it's like a ship rather than a simple caravan. If you have to lose cargo to lose weight, lose it at your own future risk. Automobiles can be colorful, verily more so in open areas. Until best asserted, it's best not to stay visible for too long in open areas. Sometimes, just like ships, it's best to abandon automobile. I think that auto mechanic skills will be more useful. You can't paint it all the time! Remember that going underground or in dark/night, can help in various situations. Bikes and other bipedal vehicles have their own uses too. They can bypass road blocks more easily in some instances.

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Sat Oct 02, 2021 1:24 pm
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