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 Tithing Gross or Net, before or after taxes? 
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Post Tithing Gross or Net, before or after taxes?
For followers of God, it always has been a question. each has their own interpretation as the scripture is not clear becacuse to be frank during most of the old testament THERE WERE NO TAXES. Tributes and taxes didn't start until Cesar.

So what about natural disasters? those are losses.

Yes and in the old testament they could only give 10% of what they had left. But natural disasters, though probably your fault because of sin, are not "spending".

It does specify that tithes were given of the first-fruits, so that implies before "spending".

However Christians are not bound to the law. You are freed from the penalties. It all depends on your heart. but if you put it in your heart to be cheap and greedy against God then you are seen as a theif and there is a curse for that and it'll devour your house down to the bricks.

So then, what is a good way to determine what you should give?

Generally, if you can give it out of the goodness of your heart; You should give 10% before expenses (gross) and before taxes, SStax etc. this shows God your greatfulness for the entire bit. and ensures he knows you are greatful for the bit that the government takes too, and that works two fold, one: so God doesn't take that extra bit away, and two: so God will judge the government thats taking that money away from you for how they behave and what they use it on. And there are plenty of curses in the good book for misuse of government. in other words make God see your government as theives of your money and God will be jealous for you.

That heavy bit asside, there is an exception: what if you don't make enough to live and tithe without earning a negative value because you tithed off the gross income?

This exception has two answers. And you need to be careful.

If you give a tithe of the Net income because you didn't make enough to give a tithe of the Gross income and if you check yourself and find that according to God's word something about the way you live your life or your mindset etc is not right in God's eyes, then God could be using the lack of finances to Punish you! giving a tithe of the net here is Dangerous as it will be seen as Rebellion! a Slight against the Lord! so check your self! if you read carefully and can't find anything wrong at that moment, then God is happy for the time being, if he was not happy he'd share it with you in your reading through the Holy Spirit pointing out something that bites hard on your heart when you read it.

No Bites when you read God's word to decide whether your loss is of God? are you Job? it could be you are being tested! Give whole heartedly. God will respect it more if you still give 10% of the gross income, like the widow giving of her penury though little it was more than all the rich people combined in God's eyes. Trust God to see you through your trials.

When to give of the Net Income?
When everything is right between you and God, and when you don't seem to be being tested in any way and you are just fallign on hard times maybe because of your own freewill you entered into a situation thats kinda rough bro, liek starting a new business with your life savings and getting close to running on empty, or any other major costly life decision like moving out on your own. then give of the net. but as always, trust in God and if he puts it on your heart to give of the Gross income then give of that. but don't bury yourself, you were already burried in the baptism (providing you did a baptism out of your own commitment to God, not just the pope sprinkling some water on your head back before you can remember what was going on.) you don't need to bury yourself again. what to be baptised by debt of money? nah. that may be called quite rightly the Baptism of Mammon. so be careful there if you find yourself self-righteous. Sometimes God wants us to let go and stop because it pains him to see us hurt ourselves. like with abraham and isaac, enough. stop. I tested you, you passed. Heres a ram. if Abraham ignored the ram and continued on with sacrificing isaac, that surely would have angered God. Cause he said Stop.

If your tithing is causing contention with a loved one, check that you are not doing it just to cause this contention because you want to make them leave you alone over an issue of God and thus make you righteous in some way. If you are trying to Tithe for righteousness, Stop until your heart is right. Christ is your righteousness. if your loved one is ungodly and living with you, you need to set the house rules. God First. and if they are offended, then they can leave, but be willing to forgive if they want to come back and observe God's ways. But yeah might want to hold off tithing for a bit till the matter is passed from your heart. but do keep a record of what you owe.

Why do we tithe?
It is a commandment of God in the law. But we are forgiven and no longer applicable to the punishments of the law. Then why still give? "if you love me keep my commandments" said Christ. It is a way to show God you love him. And also out of that love for god you should have a love in your heart and mind and soul for his word and his ways and the spreading of his ways. and that requires a curch and members and preaching, praying, signing and teaching, and maybe some costly outreach, maybe some building bills or those free snacks during the fellowship break session, or maybe the heating and electricity or the AC or new chairs or a new projector or a digital camera to put it online, or Rent. or Taxes. sometimes you may have to pay for a pastor's Visa fees, flight tickets, housing and food etc. especially if he's a missionary. gotta have emergency funds for when the brown devil clogs a toilet or two. New daily reading booklets? so many things. and that can make a big hole in a church's budget without Tithes and Offerings! And thats where you come in, and thats why your heart should give, for the continuation of God's word being spread, because you love God because of what Christ has done for you.

Pray. Test it out. see from the results what God wants you to do. Do what you know in your heart is right. And don't lament if you get broken. Cause God will make your end better than your beginning.



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Mon May 09, 2022 3:18 pm
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Post Re: Tithing Gross or Net, before or after taxes?
Vat dis? Do I smelt a calling for a forkheads donation? I really believe so!

In terms of religious service, I am kinda afraid of the fraudulent evangelicals and wizards as false prophets (aka anti-Christ, or Dajjal). To stray is like a sin, but each case might be its own scenario. Recall that Solomon in the Bible, went astray from faith. He paid in exile.

Yes, there is a lot of need to tithe going on, but before one gives or takes, he must know. He must know like the accountant, lawyer, or believer. I seriously doubt that one could determine the gross and net income/taxes, then calculate God's tithing equation as a mere man. This is God we all talking about! He is the Omnipotent, the Almighty, the eternal Creator, the eternal Destroyer, in fact, he is beyond these concepts!

There is preaching about tithing, and then there's preaching about the way of God. To lead astray from the path to God, is to deceive as the son of Man than believe as the son of God. I wouldn't go be a panhandler with a sign to tithe. How would one know if the tithe serve as intended? Only with much deliberation and contact with God, would you know. Enough about the illusionists among the clergies, now see the idolaters among the tithers. Texts said that rich people just tithe as well. Sometimes just as little as proof of identification and association over faith. Just give a little and overlook as biblical Cain's job well done, vanity. Sometimes as extravagant as a means of arrogance over faith. Just as a statesman/etc bribe/influence/corrupt/threaten priests and friars, enemies of God. I am certain that the biblical prophet Jesus had to deal with the Pharisees about this kind of situation.

The conditions to tithe, regardless of time, regardless of goods, regardless of service, will ultimately depend on Judgment Day. After all, one don't want to be lead astray and/or misled as a target of robbery nor any crime from it!


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