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 The History and Potential of Guam 
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Post The History and Potential of Guam
Guam is a country neighboring Japan, yet its culture has undergone changes from Asiatic settlement, Spanish colony, and US territory.

To figure out what Guam has in store for the present day, we must know of its background. ... _Chamorros

According to the wikipedia, Guam people derived from Indonesia. Well, Islam isn't so far from Tokyo, now is it? Well, technically we are not sure if Islamic influence did take place, but for sure, something of South East Asia.

Okay, skipping on.
There is the Spanish colonization part. Sounds bad, but the Spanish also state of the thieving savage nature of the Guam natives on first eyewitness account. Nevertheless, colonization took place, omitting the details of the process. For sure, missionary checkpoints made it possible for Japan and Spanish influences to mingle. Guess that Japan would been familiar with these subjects.

The change changes within overtime.

As for the American story.
The U.S. own the property after the treaty to end the Spanish-American War.
Does that mean that U.S. is quite fluent in Japanese? lol
That is, until Japan decided to fight for gain. ... erican_era
Usually people would say it's the nothing to it, but the Japanese capture of Guam after Pearl Harbor incident would imply that such course of actions are not a coincidence. The attack on Pearl Harbor was not just a aggressive reactive action against US imposed sanctions against Japan's aggression policies. It is very likely a plan was formulated to disable US interference beforehand seizing Guam as a territory of its own. It is probably decided to expand Japan's campaign of conquest. After all, one would disable security order to ensure naval expansion. The attack on Pearl Harbor was pretty bad. I believe that the attack on Guam could be worse. Imagine being on an island where Japan's naval fleets are ready to go storm. I wonder if there was a movie about Guam in the context of Tora! Tora! Tora!? Could it stand to the ratings with its merits?

The closest of the resistance of Guam against Japan is "Return to Guam".
Otherwise, it's a good actiony, if not propaganda film.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. This film contains images of war atrocities and may not be suitable for viewers of all ages.


In present day, it still retains its public image as just a in island. Yet, the Guam natives will have to make decisions regarding developments that may affect their livelihood, if not their country, etc. I mean, after all, does it have a say regarding regional politics that may directly, or indirectly, affect the outcome? Surely, the military installations built are not for the service of nefarious Japanese agendas or any of the like?

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