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 The History and Potential of the Ryukyu Islands 
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Post The History and Potential of the Ryukyu Islands
Considering that the country Taiwan is facing pressure by China (which I think is a waste of time for China), I guess I better think of the Ryuku Islands then. While they are not really mentioned, it is technically Japanese territory, if not annexed and incorporated as Japanese province/prefecture (doing that will definitely alarm Chinese military forces for a naval showdown before subsequent beachheads, para-troopings, naval bombardments, air raids, and nuclear ultimatums against the Japanese nation) at the given moment.
From the wikipedia page, China and Taiwan have already made dispute in territorial claim over several of the Ryuku Islands.
Considering North Korea's active militarization, I would have to say that both Chinese and Taiwanese forces are World War 2 drilling to engage at least a preventive war against Japan and any of its (steadfast) allies. Since there are major losses and atrocities back in WW2, no Chinese would ignore such a potential threat oh so close to one's homeland. Hell, back in WW2, the Chinese, Taiwanese, North Korea, and Russian forces should have occupied and annexed all of the Ryuku Islands to create their own Guam nuclear stakeout countermeasure against the empire (yes, that might include South Korea according to a North Korea and Ryuku Island nuclear defense cooperation plan). Basically, it's a regional version of the International Military Tribunal. One would have forget about Ryuku origin history, since Ryukyuans didn't have any freedom of speech or press and world war particularities. ... #Etymology
The name "Ryūkyū" originates from Chinese writings.[1][2] The earliest references to "Ryūkyū" write the name as 琉虬 and 流求 (pinyin: Liúqiú; Jyutping: Lau4kau4) in the Chinese history Book of Sui in 607. It is a descriptive name, meaning "glazed horn-dragon".

The origin of the term "Okinawa" remains unclear, although "Okinawa" (Okinawan: Uchinaa) as a term was used in Okinawa. There was also a divine woman named "Uchinaa" in the book Omoro Sōshi, a compilation of ancient poems and songs from Okinawa Island. This suggests the presence of a divine place named Okinawa. The Chinese monk Jianzhen, who traveled to Japan in the mid-8th century CE to promote Buddhism, wrote "Okinawa" as 阿児奈波 (anjenaʒpa).[3] The Japanese map series Ryukyu Kuniezu labeled the island as 悪鬼納 (Wokinaha) in 1644. The current Chinese characters (kanji) for Okinawa (沖縄) were first written in the 1702 version of Ryukyu Kuniezu.
As stated, Their usual ethnic name derives from the Chinese name for the islands, Liuqiu (also spelled as Loo Choo, Lew Chew, Luchu, and more),[9] which in the Japanese language is pronounced Ryuukyuu. In the Okinawan language, it is pronounced Ruuchuu. These terms are rarely used, and are politicized markers of a distinct culture.[27][clarification needed] ... e_movement
Obviously, the Ryukuans want independence from Japan.

I come to the conclusion that Ryuku should have joined up with the communist forces and help end imperial Japan's WW2 campaign. Hell, I'm sure that imperial emperor of Japan Hirohito did want to surrender to China as the most convenient closure to the war, tying up loose strings and finish up business for the long run. That long run is called normalcy. I'm not sure what the next emperor Akihito was doing nearing the end of WW2, but I'm certain that it was a selfish motive worthy of nuclear damage. Even then, supporting moonie militants is deserving nuclear retribution like WW2. Akihito should been assassinated/executed (probably by one/few/many of Japanese, North Korean, Ryukyuan, and/or Guam origin) as the same reason why Abe Shinzo was assassinated/executed. And that before real damage could take place!

As for the Ryukyuans, they should been free a long time ago after WW2. Injustice still after the war? It's like still WW2 going on! I'm not sure of the Ryukyu independence movement, but this is a former war machine they are up against! Alternative approaches may fit the bill, something like communist supported guerrilla with aerial/naval/ground infantry/artillery support. It is possible that collaboration with North Korea has occurred due to the similar underdog background set in place. That said, I'm afraid that such anti-Japanese sentiments is proof that even Akihito's peace efforts are nothing but a sham (at least for the region).

The Ryukyu Islands is a bridge of history between Ryukyuans, China, and Japan. That bridge has so much potential in networking commerce and even achieve peace. But ignorance have to take place and turn these set of islands into a pending war zone too close to the homeland of China and Japan. That ignorance was WW2, and now, that ignorance are (South Korean) moonies. As said again, Ryukyuans should be independent, as freedom of thoughts, speeches, assemblies, religions, presses, and petitions. If they want to trade with China, I don't blame them. If they want to trade with Japan or anyone else, I also don't them, but I'm sure that they will keep connections with China and the like. If they do go to war, I won't like the situation, but I still won't blame them because that act would be a fact of normalcy than an illusion. It's time to close the curtains on the farce.


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