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 AFH Rant Number 01:Second Life.The All-Intelligent WorldTree 
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Post AFH Rant Number 01:Second Life.The All-Intelligent WorldTree
I Am So Absolutely Furious That Anyone in Their Right Fucking Mind, Would Ever Find a Reason to Measure the Intelligence of Anyone. It Immediately Creates the Disturbance in the Force and the Cognitive Dissonance That Intelligence Is Something We Inherit or Don't and That Our Knowledge Based Is Something Given to Us at Birth. And Even If We Have Different Base Levels of Knowledge at Birth It Completely Ignores the Fact That Everything We Know Ever Is Something That Had to Be Learned, and Claiming to Know If Someone Is Capable of Learning Faster or Slower Than You Is a Foolish Assumption That Takes It as a Base Root That the Speed at Which We Learn Things Is a Constant and Therefore Not Changeable. Yet However, in the Same Token We Acknowledge That So Called Intelligent Individuals Have Had a Massive Amount of Their Revelations and Discoveries Happen in a Short Period of Time. Thereby Giving the Impression That Only These Gifted Individuals Can Change the Speed at Which They Learn Things Because of Their Incredible Base Knowledge. Neverminding the Fact That:

according to Anatomy, the Brain Is Not Technically a Muscle, Although It Has Muscle in It. The Brain Is Mainly Made Up of White Matter and Gray Matter, Which Are Parts of Neurons. These Are Cellularly Completely Different From Muscle Tissue and Don't Work Like Muscles.

However, in Some Way, They Are Similar. Like Muscle, You Need to Use the Brain or You Will Lose Some of Its Function. Like Muscle, the Brain Strengthens With Use.

Muscles Get Stronger When We Use Them Because Our Body Makes New Motor Proteins That Result in Increased Muscle Contractions. The Muscle Increases in Mass and Becomes Stronger at the Most Basic of Levels.

There Is Evidence to Suggest That the Brain Works the Same Way. Mental Stimulation Will Improve the Function of the Brain and Will Reduce the Chances of Developing Cognitive Delay and Other Types of Diseases. Exercising the Brain, With Knowing the Answer to the Question "Is the Brain a Muscle", Will Cause the Brain to Become Stronger and Much Better Able to Take Part in the Millions of Everyday Challenges the Brain Needs to Face. This Includes Paying Attention to Things, Solving Problems, and Controlling the Functions of the Body.

Therefore, by Their Own Understandings, Anyone Who Has the Gall Bladder to Call You or Anyone Else "Dumb" or "Smart" Is Immediately Showing That They Lack the Intelligence Necessary to Discern That Everything Is Learned and the Ability for People to Learn Things, and the Level and Speed and Deepness to Which They Learn Them Is Changeable, Therefore Some Ones Intelligence Is Not Something Someone "Has" but Instead Something They Are All "Made to Have" and Become Adjectives Defining Their Current Status, Not Their Permanent Status. Yet, Foolish Imbeciles Talk About People Like They Have a Permanent Intelligence Status.

in Fact, the Biggest Reason We Have So Many Problems in This World, in Our Culture, in Our Education, Is That It's a Shit Culture, a Shit Education, a Shit Society, and a Shit Expression of Our Values, Which Creates a Shit World. You Try to Average Everyone Out and All Your Going to Get Is ugly Greyish Brown Piles of Shit, and by Trying to Get Everyone's Intelligence to Match Their Own Average Current Expressions, That Is Exactly What They Are Doing. Further More, We Attempt to Place Infinite Numbers of Mutable, Changeable Things, Into Fixed, Hierarchal Positions, Including and Most Especially People Themselves. Society Tries to Pinpoint the Fixed, Unchanging Position a Person Is Supposed to Be, Being Too Foolish to Realize That No Person Is Ever in a Fixed, Unchanging Position, and the Entire Premise by Which They Base Their Arguments Is Completely Ridiculous

the Most Foolish Aspect of This Very Action and Mindset Is That These People Would Certainly Like the People Around Them to Be of Higher Intelligence or Fit Into Their Own Ideal Spectrum of What They Think People Should Act Like, by Attempting to Berate Someone by Calling Out the Low Fixed Position on the Hierarchy That That Someone Is to Them, They Promote the Conceptualization That That Someone Is in a Fixed Position Unable to Do Anything Else but Be the Horribly Low Position the Observer Already Sees the Person Has, Therefore, by Definition They Are Ensuring That the Situation That Was Bothering Them Is Promoted, Grown, and Even More Incessant an Unremovable. If You Think You Are Surrounded by Idiots, Well, Like Attracts Like, and If Great Minds Thing Alike, So Do Lesser Ones.

it Is Much Preferable, Therefore, That You as the Observer See Everyone Around You as a Veritable Genius, Because It Will Promote That Condition in Their Lives and Attract You Towards the "Heightened on the Hierarchy" Mindset That They Would Like So Much
it Is a Good Thing, Though, That All These People Are Abjectly Wrong, and Intelligence Is a Mutable, Changeable, Interchangeable, and Entirely Fluid Thing Capable of Being Anything. I Mean, the Fact That the Human Brain Exists Is Already a Miracle Capable of Performing a Million Miraculous Acts of Intelligence a Day, and So Seeing Any Member of the Human Race as of Lessor Intelligence Than Yourself Is Either Ridiculous or an Indication That You Do Not See Yourself or Them as Human
and This Characterization of People as Sub Human or Superhuman Is Foolish and Superstitious We Are All Just as Evolved as Anyone Else, Just in Different, and Adaptable, Ways. Anyone Can Theoretically Learn to Do Anything Anyone Else Can Do, but It Will Happen at Different Paces and Difficulties Because of the Nature of Their Environment
an Environment of Promoting Growth Within People as the Primary Function of the Environment Would Not Only Encourage More Intelligent People, but It Would Break Us Free From the Chains of Hierarchy and Create a Culture That Hand Grows With Love and Care the Type of People Able to Solve Most of the Worlds Greatest Problems.
and the Foil to All of Their Conceptualizations Is That Even Without Their Help, a Select Few Choose to Grow on Their Own and Become Completely Extraordinary Humans Who Do More in Some Direction Than Any Human Has Before, a Key Aspect of the Expansion of Our Species.
i Am Absolutely Tired of Seeing Victim After Victim of This Toxic Mindset, and Watch People Stuck in Chains Because They Do Not Realize That They Can Free Themselves by Choosing to Grow Because for So Long, They Have Been Told It Is Impossible for Them to Grow That Like Any Good Child They Have Come to Respect and Believe What They Are Told.
the Fact of the Matter Is, That So Many People Suffer Because Key Pieces of Information That Could Change Their Life
are Being Withheld From Them, They Are Discouraged From Seeking It Out and Otherwise Millions If Not Infinite Barriers Psychological Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Otherwise Are Placed to Impede Their Progress, Slow Their Growth, and Prevent Their Advancement
by the Very People Who Keep Telling Them They Need to Grow Up So Much.
i Am Sick and Tired of People Telling People That They Can't Accomplish Thier Dreams, I Am Sick of People Thinking That They Aren't Good Enough, I Am Sick of Them Thinking Anyone Else Can Stop Them From Having Their Dreams and I Cant Stand That Good People Do Not See the Good in Themselves and So They Shy Away From It. It Makes Me Sick That Perfectly Intelligent People Choose Not to Go Through the Effort of Thinking All Because When They Were 5 or 6 Years Old Someone Who Was Wrong and Dumb by Their Own Marks Called Them Some Variant of Not Good Enough. The People Who I See Who Think They Aren't Good Enough Are So Much More Then Good Enough, Im Tired of Seeing Perfection in People Who Cannot See It for Themselves, and Im Tired of I Myself Failing to See How Good I Am Because of This Very Same Problem, I Want Everyone to See Their Infinite Potential and Live Up to the Infinite Being That They Are, Go After Your Dreams, Desires With the Gusto of a Million Suns, Even the Ones That Make You Feel Soft and Squishy Inside. Realize That You Are the Best You You See in Yourself Plust the Best You Everyone Else Sees in You and That Is Your Fighting Spirit and That Is You! Be the You That Beleives in Beleiving in Yourself Im Out, Go Out, Do Something, Anything, but Just Make Sure Its What Your True Heart and Soul Really Fucking Want From the Bottom of Your Core. Live the Dream. Never Die. Never Go Cold. Forever Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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