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 Walkthrough: Forest Of the Blue Skin (Zell23/999) 
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Post Walkthrough: Forest Of the Blue Skin (Zell23/999)
This walkthrough contains spoilers, and is incomplete.

FOBS B (Valid to v1.05, Walkthrough Complete!):

In your house:
Special Item: Health Potion Bottle

Ghoul house - found to the right when exiting your "safe area" outside your house.
There are 2 main paths in this place, sometimes called a ghost house or horror house.

To the right - Enemies:
Pink Slime Cat Golems

To the right - Other:
Secret Crest Mouse Girl's second anim from FOBS A.

To the left - Enemies:
Shadowrealm Hypnotist Succubus
Mimic Doll

Spoiler: show
Pink Slime Cat Golems: Capture; Remembered, Capture Possible! You need to Cum on a pink slime, when it enters a cat golem it will pose and make a Heart speech box appear next to it, merely walk up and sex it and afteerwards it's capturable. if you wait too long it will start walking and will not pose again. sex with it after it starts walking is a never ending task, it will not be capturable no matter how many times you do it unless you catch it in that pose!

Nightmare: Capture: Possible. To capture this monstergirl you will need to unlock the door at the right side of the hallway with the pink slime cat golems. To unlock this door attack a pink slime and let it follow you to the floor with the heart on it. let it have it's way. this will unlock the door. You can save before entering the nightmare's puzzle. To defeat the nightmare you need to solve the puzzle, the hint being to observe the order of the RED flame candle doors! when you exit the final door you will find yourself surrounded by 4 hammer switches take out your hammer and press them in the same order the doors were. then enter the door that appears and the nightmare can be captured.

Secret Crest: after pressing all the buttons, the hallway at the end of the pink slime cat golem area will continue over past the door to the nightmare, here you will find a secret crest of the mouse girl wrestler from FOBS A's Farm area it will allow you to see her in your safe area, you can find here to the right inside the safe area, and she will do quite a bit more than the typical reverse-press-titjob she did last time..

Spoiler: show
The Shadowrealm Hypnotist Succubus: Capture: Possible. this is the first door in this hallway, it's a good idea to take this one out first as it's not too hard but you are locked in the room till you successfully capture her (would be a bad idea to accidentally enter this room on low health after getting through the Ghouls room!!!, especially if the SHS has not been defeated before (as then the door to exit wont be there)). To Capture her you need to jump over the heart she throws at you and hit her, do this repeatedly and count the strikes! you can only capture her when she has 1 strike of HP left, at that point she will start to sweat and look worried, now you will need to use your blue slime slime wall to bounce the heart back at her when she shoots it hypnotizing her and making her capturable.

Ghouls: Capture Possible. Found in the 3rd room in the hall in a secret pit which opens in the floor when you try to cross the room and return to the door; they cannot be captured before turning on the lights! (you need to complete the ghouls hallway, hit the yellow button and defeat the mimic doll and hit the red button then reenter the ghouls hallway and go to the right and hit the power switch, they will then be capturable). Getting through the Ghouls' hallway is no easy task, there honestly is no perfect way to do it, you will need to use a variety of techniques to do it. Things you will need to use, Masturbation; if you ejaculate on a ghoul it'll stun them temporarily, it only works once per ghoul. Kappa Dash; this will allow you to dash through them without getting grabbed, the only problem is you can be grabbed inbetween dashes so watching the spacing of the ghouls is important!. Potion; this potion is important, the ghouls take away a large amount of HP when they grab you (1/4th) and when you climax in them (1/3rd) you cannot survive two grabs & climaxes in a row, you will need to refill your HP. by taking out the potion and holding D it will refill your HP. This is one of the hardest parts of the game, you cannot just run to the end of the hall because the door to exit does not appear until all the candles are lit + 1 extra wait.. so there is a wait between each candle being lit, they light themselves and theres nothing you can do but avoid the ghouls till they all light up and then try to make it to the end of the hall and get in the door. This will probably take multiple tries you'll have to know where the ghouls will appear from and avoid those when it's time for a candle to light (otherwise if they spawn on top of you it's auto-grab). Watch your cum meter, if it's greater than half it's a good idea to expell it before you get grabbed again.

Once through the ghouls' hallway you'll be in another hallway with the yellow switch, use your hammer to press it. Then run to a Save point. Save.

Mimic Doll; after hitting the yellow switch you can bass the yellow blocks and enter the 4th door in this hallway. it contains the doll who just stands there. To trigger her you need to Ejaculate on her, then she will eat it and shape shift into a human girl and look like she's capturable, you then have to try to capture her then run! as she will change back and start attacking you (it was a trick). she will run back and forth and every few times she comes near you she will jump and attack. so for this you will need the brown rabbit's double jump ability to jump over her. after a few passes she will stop and begin to charge up and attack, Jump behind her and wait till she fires in the opposite direction then hit her as much as possible and repeat until she returns to a normal doll and is capturable. Now hit the red switch that oppened up to the right of the room. You can now enter the ghouls hallway and go right and flip the lights on and capture the ghouls.

Last, the Poltergeist: Capturable. this is a little tough. don't miss the blue switch at the top of the room (you need double jump), that will open up the end of the hallway and allow you to connect a portal back to home base. To capture the poltergeist it's all about timing and your cum meter and double jump. First get your cum meter started (1/4th to 1/2 max) get double jump ready, hit her. then get close (but not too close as she will throw the onahole super fast!) Masturbate breifly in front of her then jump fast! when the onahole misses she will be stunned, cum on her before she resets and she's capturable.

after hitting the blue button in her room, there is a secret crest obtainable at the right end of the Pink Slim Cat Golem hall.

Golden Plains:
found to the left when exiting your "safe area" outside your house.
there are 3 main paths and one central room. one path leads to the volcano.

In the central room - Enemies:
Bunny Girl

In the bottom Right - Enemies:
Water Bear
Dinosaur Girl
In the bottom right - Other:
Secret Crest - Water bear

In the Top Left - Enemies:
In the Top Left - Other:
Special Item: X-ray Vision

In the Top Right - Enemies:
Owl Girl
In the top Right - Other:
Secret Crest - Leaf Slasher girl's second anim from FOBSA

Central room:
Spoiler: show
Bunny girl: Capture is Easy, get 2 bunny girls near eachother, you can use the shout power to do so, then let one catch you, let her finish the job. then get up and wait and let her catch you again, letting her finish is optional. when you finish the other bunny girl will be masturbating out of her mind and capturable.

Bottom right:
Spoiler: show
Water Bear: defeat to capture!,
Entering the teleport in the bottom right of the central room, you'll come to a 2 directional area with rabits, Going Left will take you to the water bear's area. You need double jump to jump over the waves she makes but keep a distance, as she will charge after the last wave. she will try to eat you. not fun. you just beat her up. then claim her, it will teleport you out. next you can find her in another area near by the dinosaur girl's place. To get there from the water bear's area, go out back to the 2 directional area with the rabits, then to the right side, you'll enter another 2 directional room where you are in between two trees, jump over the trees to the Left. she'll just stand there till you cum on her, then she'll spread her legs and let you have your way, afterwards she's collectable, then it will auto TP you into a room with a Secret Crest to unlock this animation back at your base, to view it, go into the portal next to the Heart sign post in your safe area/base then enter the portal that looks like the golden plains when approaching her she will be in her default pose and will play eat you without killing you if you interact with her. instead you'll see her crest on a sign, press up near it to switch her to leg spread mode for 73# 600D 3553X.

Dinosaur Girl: Capture not completely possible!, Defeat to visit in home,
Entering in the bottom right of the central room, you'll come to a 2 directional area with rabits, Going Right will take you to a room with 2 thick trees blocking your path, double jump over the trees to the right, you will come to the dinosaur girl's house. there will be a special portal outside her house that will take you to her boss chamber. She has 2 main attacks Tail Rush, and Tempt. She will tail rush you if you get close but cannot do it fast in a row, so you can run at her then double jump over her before she strikes to get her to tail rush and miss. then hit her 2 times. sometimes you can get in 3 hits but it's a risk. 2 is safe if you act quick after her tail rush. tempt; afteer a few rounds she will open her egg hole and send out flying mini hearts, gettign hit by too many will cause you to uncontrollably lust after and eventually run to her. you can escape this by hitting left and right repeatedly. or you can carefully double jump over the hearts. Alternatively, when you see her poise to start tempting, you can jump over her and hit her a few times from behind. Be careful to stop when she is about to stop tempting as she will tail rush you immediately on finish so keep your distance when she is about to stop. when she is defeated she will stop attacking and walk off she will then appear in her house and leave a special portal outside back to your house.

Top Left:
Spoiler: show
Special Ability - X-ray Vision: Jump over the pit and climb up the right side of the pit, you'll find the x-ray crest there. to use it go back to your house and switch it on. it allows you to see hentai manga style X-rays during sex of some monstergirls.

Minotaur: Capture Possible, Defeat this boss to capture. (jump down into the pit) you will need double jump ready to jump over her and her wrecking ball then get close and hit her a few times then get back and repeat. she will start jumping over you after a few rounds. when she jumps run or dash beneath her. you can only get in a few hits each round. if you get hit she will rush and rape you while you're down.

Top right:
Spoiler: show
Secret Crest: When going into the top right area you'll see a raised door, when you jump up there you will see a branch appear on the left tree, double jump up and keep double jumping to the top to find a secret crest, this is for FOBSA's leaf slasher girl found in the waterfront forest, go back to your safe area she will be found to the right, she will do more for you this time than just some sucky sucky long time. oh, might want to give it a second go this time, you'll see what I mean..

Owl Girl: Capture Possible!, Outside the volcano entrance in the forest these girls will drop down from the trees, you cannot catch them yet. you must defeat all 3 of them, then a secret passage will open in the tree tops near the entrance to the volcano. double jump with the brown rabit power to get up, an owl girl is up there sleeping and capturable.


Left - Enemies:
Ground Golem

Middle #1 & finally Right side - capturable non-enemies:

Middle #2 - enemies:
Hug Bug + Secret Crest in same room

Right side:
Fire Imp

Spoiler: show
Cockatrice: Capture Possible, this one is kinda hard, if you attack her she'll run through you, then charge up an eyebeam to freeze you in stone. sometimes you can jump behind her so she fires in the wrong direction but timing it is rough. You can avoid being turned into stone by using the fox girl's transform power which.. well, turns you into A Stone versus a statue. again timing is crucial. when she is almost defeated she will charge up a mega eyebeam which kills you and turns you to stone. the best way IMO to avoid this mega petrify attack is to merely jump up onto the ledge of the pit she's in, if you are not in direct line of sight it can't hit you. Once she's done with the mega peftrify eyebeam she'll be worn out and capturable.

Ground Golem: Capture Possible, Get your cum meter to max hit her and ejaculate immediately. she will try to blow steam out her head but it'll be coated in cum and she'll be capturable. if you miss, back up because she will summon vents from the ground to mist you with tempting scents which cause you to auto-run to her for sex. Defeat all the ground golems on the bottom level for a secret opening to the top level to open up above the onely peice of floor thats different colored near the door. this path will lead you to the upper middle #1 of the volcano above the centaur (right from the original volcano entrance). it has 2 doors on this level one leading to the top of the volcano and another leading to the upper middle #2 of the volcano (you can't enter yet, it's blocked off till you complete the hug bug room and defeat the salamander.)

Right - Capturable non-enemies:
Spoiler: show
Centaur: Capturable, After geting through the ground golem's area it's a good time to start the centaur, take the portal to the top of the volcano, there will be some apples, hit them all towards the left into a hole in the ground. jump down it. you'll be in the room above the centaur, hit the apples down through another hole on the ground, then drop down in front of the centaur and hit the apple to her. she will eat it and "Hooray" for you. You can then continue forwards to the right and she will be standing in the pink tempt juice. you can ride her through it, watch out for the vents from the ceiling as they spray tempting scents. when you get to the other side you'll jump off and she'll wave you goodbye. - To the entrance save room before the Hug Bug area - carefully make your way through the hug bug area to the top. you could collect the secret crest on the way. exiting will lead you to the Upper Middle #2 area and if you jump down to either side you'll fall into the salamander's boss room, defeat the salamander and go back down through the hug bug room, then go right, defeat the fire imp, then pass through the fire imp's room to the right and you'll find the centaur again but she ate an apple that was hopped up on the tempting liquid from the volcano, merely Masturbate near her and she will offer herself for sex, finish and she will be capturable.

Right - Other:
Spoiler: show
Secret Crest - Mimic Doll : in the room with the hug bugs, theres a spot with a moving wall trap that pushes you into a hug bug, jump up out of the way and get behind the wall peice fast, then run back to where it came from and get in the door. you can view this new anim in your base go into the heart portal, go into the ghoul house doors and switch the crest to you liking by pressing up in front of her sign post.

Right - Enemies:
Spoiler: show
Hug Bug: Capture Possible, To capture get ready to cum, attack her when she pops up, keep doing this till she just pops her head up with a bandage, then cum on her. she can then be captured.

Salamander: Capture Possible, Defeat to capture. To beat her she will jump around and shoot fireballs, you need to jump over the big fireballs, but the small ones will explode after you touch them so if you jump through them quickly they will not hurt you. so jump over the big fireball and jump quickly through the small ones, then attack her. She may try to rape you you can see this because she will play with her pussy and have a heart speech bubble, she will try to jump at you, dodge this then attack her. when defeated she'll fall face down and be capturable. after collect you will be Teleported out back to the room above, and now you can use this room to connect to the room above the centaur (left from here) and the hug bug room (middle door) and the Secret Teleport back to your safe area (right from here).

Fire Imp: Capture Possible, Answer her Q&A to capture, Get it wrong and she'll rape you, but she's nice she'll toy with you first so you get a few wrong answers for free. To find her, go back down through the hug bug room, in the save room before the hug bug room there is now an additional path to the right, follow it to reach the Fire Imp's room. to begin the Q&A jump into the fireball she left in the middle of the room.

Volcano Top:
Cat Witch

Spoiler: show
Cat Witch: Capture Not completely Possible, Defeat to visit her at home. To get here go all the way to the right when you get to the volcano top, you will find a portal, enter it, go to the left past the house you find, there will be a special portal, enter it to get to her boss room. in the boss room she will Teleport in on the left wait till she just teleports in and stand close by and you can get a couple hits in before having to jump out of the way of her punches and kicks combo (it's a seeker attack so if you are on the ground she will move to your position before casting it even if you are on the opposite side of the screen). if you get hit by it there is strong knockback and it takes away tons of HP. So always avoid it. she will do this combo twice! then she will stop, Attack her a couple times get in close as if you are anywhere else she'll pin you against the wall or force you to get hit by a massive magic attack that forms a wide collumn on the screen, this column attack also shoots out two ground level flares so get ready to jump! it also has to anti-jump magic balls which float just below the top of the screen inside the column meant to keep you from getting to her after the magic column wears off. She will not fire this magic attack too near to herself so you are safe up close. Next she will kneel on the ground and cast a temptation spell and send out hearts jump over them to avoid being tempted then hit her till she stops that pose and get ready to dodge her punch kick combo.

If she tempts you you will run to her and get sucked to death. It's suggested to use double jump to fight this boss.

After a while she will fire WIDER columns, continue with the close treatment. continue dodging all her attacks and hitting her. eventually she'll be beaten and teleport out. you can then find her in her house and you will also find a diagram of her where you can select the top or bottom of her body, to control what kinda action you get. Sadly no Pussy is handed out by this Pussy, even though she has a very tempting Pussy. Zell plans to make a vaginal scene with her later. she will however leave special portals, one leading to your safe area's Teleport Area, and one leading to your safe area's "Fun Zone".

Thats it for FOBS version B 1.05.

FOBS A (Valid to version 1.20, Walkthrough Incomplete!):

Hint, After saving a game of FOBS A, if you have a FOBS B save with the Health Potion Bottle saved, and drag the save file from B's folder to A's folder and delete A's save file then "Continue" FOBS A you will have the Health Potion item in FOBS A!!! I think this also works for the X-ray Vision Item!

When Starting the game and leaving your safe zone, you will find 2 directions to take (as per usual), one leads to the mountains (left), the other leads to the forest (right), I mean the game is called FOREST of the blue skin, so it should have it's name's sake right?

Spoiler: show
There will be a THIRD direction to travel later after you get a special item. but the third direction will be back in your house

To the Left:
Beach Caves
Inner Temple

To the Right:
Deep Woods
Waterfront Forest
Underground Tunnels
Snowy Mountains

Somewhere secret:
Spoiler: show
In your House:
Dream Mansion
Dream Mansion Second Floor

Originally as the game was being developed, there wasn't much you could do in the mountains easily till you had the Masturbation power (the way to get it is in the spoiler)
Spoiler: show
gotten after beating the first forest boss often referred to as the Monkey.
However as the game progressed going to the mountains first could give the player access to the Wild Slash Power early and relatively easily. So, there is no way to tell you "the right way" to do things in order. for the sake of this walkthrough we will follow the "originally intended way" of doing it. Later when getting to the mountain's walk through I will cover how to get the wild slash early if you plan to start with that.


The Forest and Treehouse:
Blue Slime
Tiki Mask Amazonness
Monkey Girl
Secret Power Crest: Masturbation
White Bunny/Rabbit
Mushroom Girl
Secret Crest: Tiki Mask Amazonness
Red Cap Girl
Slug Girl

Spoiler: show
Blue Slime, Capturable: This one is rather easy to capture but you can only do it once, after you capture her they will no longer be capturable in the future and you'll just defeat them on the second hit. To capture just hit her once. she will stand up, hit her again. she will turn into a puddle, hit her till she stands up again, she will be stunned and capturable. told you it was easy, Blue Slime Wall Power = Get. you can now select it with [Space] navigate to it with the arrow keys and press [a], in game you can then use it by pressing UP + A, it will make a defensive slime wall in front of you.

Tiki Mask Amazonness, Capturable: This one is easy and fun. She will be throwing rocks at you, jump over them or walk on the ground beneath her and jump up in front of her. Hit her till the mask falls off and she falls down and plays dead. make sure you have decent HP, now walk over her, she will immediately rape you, let he finish. Then when you get up she's capturable. Speed of the Amazonness Power = Get! you can use it merely by equipping it, it'll give you super speed.

At the end of this hall, go through the portal to room 2.
There is only one new girl in this room, the Antgirl

Antgirl, Capture Possible, this one takes a bit of setup. you need to have the ant girl and any other girl next to eachother then get sexed by anything but the ant girl. the ant girl will begin to play with herself. quickly repeatedly press the left and right arrow to get free of sex and hit the ant immediately, she will fall down and be capturable. if you want to be sexxed by a slime, hit it and walk into it. otherwise you could get sexxed by another ant by merely walking into her a few times.

This room has 4 directions to go:
The center of the room has 2 portals, the upper one goes to the monkey boss' room, the lower one goes to the Kappa's area.

Kappa: The kappa might be frustrating to catch if you don't know how they behave, when you get close they will dash at you to attempt to catch and rape you. while this is flattering, we would like to not get captured cause it'll take away HP and lock us down. Another fact, if the kappa is within dashing distance of a wall, she will dash TWICE!!!, once towards the wall and once away from it. This could catch you off guard if you didn't jump far enough behind her. Why wouldn't you want to jump far away? simple to catch a kappa after they dash at you, you need to smack their ass at which point it'll throw them off balance and make them capturable. Kappa Dash Ability = GET. you can equip it in the [space] menu and use it by holding down + X.

follow the hall to the end and enter the portal to get to the white rabbit's room and the entrance to the deep woods. BUT I suggest fighting the monkey first! to do this go backwards to the way you came in. and exit then go to the upper middle teleporter in the room then jump down into her boss chamber.

Monkey: Capture possible, defeat to capture: she will run and then swing a strong punch at you which knocks you down, she will then run over and rape you. to avoid this jump over her then hit her once, she will jump back and then swing another punch, repeat. after defeat she can be captured. It is possible to defeat her with no powers but seeing as we got the amazonness' run power we could go get double jump to make it easier (covered under the Brown Rabit's walkthrough from the mountains).

Secret Power Crest: Masturbation, no matter how low on HP you are, do not run out of the monkey's room. go to the right towards the portal but don't enter it, above it is the masturbation crest, don't miss out it's kinda a core ability in this game! once collected you can select it in the space menu and use it by holding DOWN+A.

Taking the portal in the monkey's room will return you to the former forest area but in a hovering area above the forest floor. if you had the kappa dash you could actually gain access to The Swamp now by making a jump to the platform on the right going to the end and kappadashing under the blockage at which point you'll find a patch of grass thats purplish, it's a secret path that takes you to the swamp. while there are some girls you can get in the swamp right now, don't worry about it yet, lets finish the forest and treehouse first.

To get to the white bunny again, go to the lower middle portal, pass the kappas and enter the far portal.

White Bunny/rabbit: This is the same as in B, to capture her you need to let something rape you while she watches. let it finish you off then get caught again by the same rabbit to make the watching one masturbate herself silly till she's capturable. Another note, be careful, you could get gangraped if you don't get up fast after the first rape, in this case the bunny girl watching will come over and mount you (breaking the conditions needed to catch her!). in this room there is a simple maze, you should be able to figure it out.

in case you need help:
All the wrong portals lead back tot he start of the kappa room or to a high platform right over the bunnies, When entering the bunny room, after collecting the white rabbit. jump up to the first platform near the door, then the second, then the third it the save station and save if you like (it refills your HP), then the fourth and fifth platfomrs, now go left and try to pass by the bunny (if you have to) jump up at the first ledge you can not the one with the portal!, Up again, Left, Up, up again, Right, now you have to pass a bunny in a narrow area, try to wait till you can jump over her and run right then jump up on the wooden platform, then up again, and yet again, then it looks like you are trapped, but you can just jump OVER the wooden wall to the left, try to land on the ledge just past it (small jump), then jump left to the hole in the tree > Deep Woods.

Mushroom Girl: Capturable, Masturbate and cum on her, Immediately start masturbating again, cum on her again, immediately masturbate a third time, cum on her again, she is now capturable.

IF you want to defeat the rest in the hall without taking the time to capture each, hit them 2 to 3 times fast then back off! wait for her spore mist attack to fade away, then attack again, repeat till she disappears. if you don't back away you'll get tempted by the spore mist and run to sex her.

Secret Crest: Tiki Mask Amazonness, After getting past all the mushroom girls, you jump down and see an amazonness below jump to the right over her, no need to fight if you don't want to. To the right of the room you will see another amazonness on a ledge, jump up and defeat her then get raped and cum, catch her, then proceed to go right into the wall to find a secret ledge with the crest on it. collect it. there is a save point just above the amazonness feel free to use it. To use the secret crest, find it back in your base/safe area, in the portal next to the Heart sign then enter the portal that looks like the forest, you will find 2 amazonnesses in there, both do a different sex anim.

Go down from here to the right you'll find a portal go in.

Green portal: teleport to home. you must teleport through this once to activate the portal back at home, you can then just go back through it go back to the save station above the amazonness and save to permanently gain that portal.

Lefts continue,

Red cap girl: Capturable!, this one is tricky. I mean red caps ARE a tricky monster girl type so it should come as no surprise. past the green portal you'll see a vacant wooden ditch. if you walk carelessly through here she'll pop up and hit you. and if you hit her she'll do it again till you is ded or she is ded. if you don't attack she will taunt you with her boobies. touching her is instant rape. To capture her, you need to get her attention, (make sure she's not focused on other things) and masturbate Briefly!!, BUT get ready to jump because she will disappear and reappear right beneath/near you!! if you don't jump she'll hit you. You need to keep doing this till you see her not disappear! instead she'll have hearts around her head and wait a sec. Next she'll disappear! JUMP BACK, if you jump but land in front of her, too bad, try again. you need to land behind her then hit her from behind!, you will need to do this 3 times and then she'll be stunned and capturable. You'll probably want to save after this to refill your HP.

Pass the mushroom girls however you like. at the end you'll find a dark rotted plant covered wooden platform, it's a secret door! Enter it to get to the Slug girl room.

Slug Girl: Capturable, To capture this girl You need to equip the Kappa Dash power!!! when you get near her she will charge at you and try to swallow you all except your head. her whole body is a giant pussy and she'll use it to rape you then spit you out. to catch her you need to get in front of her and face her then when she charges at you Use the kappa dash power to slam inside her. this will stun her. press left and right frantically to escape and she will be capturable.

Secret Power: Dark Key, Go to the right end of the slug girl's room. here you will find the item visible behind a wall with a low gap that you can't walk under. Instead, use the kappa dash and you can get under. grab the stone and leave back the way you came and continue to the bottom of the red cap room watchcing out for more red caps.. take the portal at the end. this will put you on a platform just above the ants in the mushroom girl and tiki room. save. We have collected everything in this part of the forest!, you could take the green portal back to base, or you could travel up and go back to the white rabbit's room and take any of the wrong portals to get dropped back in the kappa room and take the portal back to the forest.

if you wanted you could pass through the monkey's room and go to the swamp now. but, it's probably better you didn't as you'll need more abilities to get all the girls there,.. it was Intended for you to take the green portal and go back home. whereby we open the third route. however it was intended for you to not be able to capture all the girls there either. forcing the player to try each area and then realize they can't do it all and go to the mountains then return later. so naturally if you want to get it all done in one shot per zone, you'd go to the mountains next, then the temple, then the swamp then the third route

The third route the Dream Mansion:
To get there:
Spoiler: show
Once in the Teleporter hall, go to the portal next to the wooden post, this takes you back to your safe area outside your house. press [space] and equip the dark key! wow, look at that! so when you were sleeping on this bed at night you were secretly being haunted and teleported to a nightmare mansion till you woke up. but now you have the power to force the gate to that dream world open while you are awake! Enter.

Once inside:
strange huh, never thought there was a door there, and why is the room bigger?, oh well lets take that door. this takes us into a hallway, there are a few doors in here, only 2 of them open. the other is 1-way (exit only).

On this floor:

Door 1:
Doll Girl
Secret Crest: : Kappa Girl

Door 3:
Red Clawed Ghoul
Onahole Trap
Secret Crest: Monkey Girl (Wont be able to get yet)

Behind Door 1:
Spoiler: show
Entering in here will present you with a wall in your face. jumping on top could yeild a shocking sight. are those little girls? nope! they appear to be Living Dolls! plastic joints and all.

Doll Girl: Capture Possible!, this one is sorta hard to do. OK, this used to be harder, when capture was first enabled for the doll girl, you were supposed to hit her with the slime wall when she jumps at you and count the hits then when she has 1HP left wait till she flashes and tries to pounce on you and cum on her. THIS DOES NOT WORK ANY MORE! YOU WILL BE RAPED!

Instead now it's super simple, jump down and spam the blue slime wall, knock out 2 of them and when you knock out the third she'll fall down and be capturable.

Defeating all of them opens a secret door to the far left this takes you to a second floor of the main hallway. here we now have 3 other doors to choose from, a red door and a normal door like the others (above it on the right), and a normal door in the center.

Center: Green Portal back to Home, once you take this door and save, you can now come here to the second floor without the Dark Key equipped!

Top Right: A pathway to the True second floor of the dream mansion.

Red Door:
Mannequin: Boss, Capturable. This one might drive you crazy if you don't know what to do. Largely because you auto fail and get raped to death if you do it wrong. Walking in and going left you will see a mannequin who does nothing. Masturbate and cum on her. Continue left and go to the top area, yet another mannequin who does nothing, cum on her. Head back towards the right on the path below where you entered, another mannequin, Cum on her. Don't stop here, Continue Going RIGHT, jump up and go through the wall. theres another mannequin! Cum on her!. Go Back to the left, go to the path below the second mannequin, theres another mannequin, cum on her. LAST; go to the bottom level, walk all the way to the right theres a Secret Crest: Kappa Girl get it. walk back to the left and you'll hear something unlock (you would have been trapped down there by a wall if you didn't get all 5 mannequins) now walk back to the left. theres annother mannequin and she's capturable! collect her.

FOBS C? (there is no such game)
Red Green Blue. if you wondered about the color coding here. I suppose I should have done A's walkthrough first, I might switch them later.
Technically there are two things on Zell's mind for another FOBS game so while there is currently no such game, he has already made a TEST for a REDO of FOBS A with FOBS B's battle system and a zoom feature. This actually will not be FOBS A for long, it has been rumored to eventually get the name FOBS A+B , but infact that will mean that it's just FOBS.



got any?

His name is not Robert Paulsen, His name is Gregory Matthew Bruni, he won so hard.

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Fri Nov 12, 2021 6:43 pm
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