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 The Analysis of Arena type First Person Shooter Games 
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Post The Analysis of Arena type First Person Shooter Games
Recently, I am playing back to back arena type fps. Nowadays, arena type fps is considered the norm at the moment. Something is off with arena type shooters. Yes, you are fighting against monster. There might be interference of all on the game play experience. No, the selection in the variety is not random, but set offsets of the base value. Those games will their work cut out for themselves due to the design of arena.

Maps, ah.
They are the playing field of a sporting event (especially fps). When maps do get arena design, it feels like the players are boxed into a sector to fight in some gladiator style game. I don't really mind, but it feels in the back of one's mind, that something got knocked down a notch from the game quality awards. The map design becomes a meaningless place of grey, losing color from objective design. Nevermind a pause in virtual space just to take in the surroundings. It's a hustle of respawns blotting out any Myst potential.

After the map is setup, rules are given for monsters to keep on spawning. To kill monsters just to meet them again. Forget about bringing the target down, that is not the mission! Map setup of the usual 16 monsters and the cycle repeats itself! I'm playing a match against bots after bots. What's the point of downing targets if they just respawn? To make it worse, just 16 monsters??? It's a wash-rinse-and-repeat cycle. 16 in count, I dunno about you, but it sucks. If it was a adventure/objective map, 16 monsters to set guard on parameter, even if they are pro, those facts don't sound too compelling.

I don't want to be a doom fanboi, but it is a good example of non-arena type games. You got a map consisting of multiple keys, which count as objectives. Map design from modding could be potentially anything. From open spaces to enclosed mazes, doom's maps can host more than 16 monsters. Doom as both action and puzzle game, imagine the possibilities!

Okay, I said my piece. That's enough.

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