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 Caffeine (and Other Physical) Energy Sources for Leisures? 
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 Caffeine (and Other Physical) Energy Sources for Leisures?
Now, everyone can see that Folgers coffee in your cup commercial is something to start up the day in the morning. Contains caffeine with possible jittery side effects, probably bad for precision tasks. The everyday adult does what he/she must do, including a caffeine intake. Doesn't always have to be coffee. Caffeine is like a painkiller. Same goes for the alternative of drinking and smoking.

Now, that's all work related stuff. No big stiff would care for those in free time. If I ever do take in caffeine sources, it be to usually recuperate a bit more with reasonable downtime before the routine cycle starts again. This fact is often true due to extra tasking (not everyday) chores. That just means we would normally take less due to less reasons to do so.

Getting the foreword out of the way, I would like to know about what kind of caffeine sources would work well with leisuring. The secrets of the trade is too cherished to be shared because it will dry up like a fucking desert. Note that if anyone mentions hobbies, it's usually a key term on a resume. Something that's supposed to be related to investments. I'm only going down with just free time periods and basics. So you can see me trying to grind my modding years to a memory and time of enlightened bliss. It's only been a recent discovery of mines for a while, but I ain't getting any younger time wise. That's when I get cracking with a budget of maintenance. I'm starting off my drilling precision for my leisures with a dose of an energy drink. It's technically not pure caffeine as it's only a heart hammering of hurt. I tend to actually watch my health as carefully as possible. Now, to be honest, I don't always drink caffeine nor its associated energy drink as it starts up migraines too often. I do enjoy the unfocused alerting buzz, but as long its under moderation, its a wave that I have some mental control and sensibility over. I usually take it if I have to distribute my free time with some slaving obstacle, it happens. Sometimes, my leisures themselves would be taxing enough to clamp down my physique. That's when I use my energy drink. Didn't say it before, but the energy drink does have some nutritional elements. B variants that is. Even the fucking candy intake has it too! If someone mentions sugar, it's just a different version of sodium, absorbing water levels. If I do feel exhausted, I take a fruity juice, mental energy restoration (also acts as a lower caffeine alternative without those fucking head/stomach-ache side effects) and resistance against illness. Milk is not something I take for the sole purpose, makes me sleepy. The only exception is when I do need my breakfast alternative. Greens can be also vital due to my modding activity. My intake concerns of nutrients as I believe they are fucking essential in living life. Oh yeah, they are not always 100% clean so water is also taken some time after. Temperature and other environmental factor controls also noted. These physical sources are mostly in liquid form so urination is required!

If music is mentioned, it's usually a mental/spiritual source of energy. I don't mind a post about it, but I can just say there's plenty of variety for different situations and moments. I don't want to be corny in holistic hearsay, but there are times when I don't know the factors/variables/parameters and I get quite fucked up. Anyways, feel free to post something.

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Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:22 pm
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Post Re: Caffeine (and Other Physical) Energy Sources for Leisure
You've obviously never heard of caffeine pills, they are pretty much like crack coccaine but maybe less addictive lots of truck drivers take them because fuck all I just drove 4k miles from NY to LA to deliver this shit only to find out that it was cancelled and I gotta take it back to NY ASAP. they also pee in gallon jugs and throw them out the window onto the grass siding of highways, if you've ever mowed highway grass you'd know they call them trucker bombs. because when the mower hits them they explode in a big whirling piss storm.



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Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:53 pm
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