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 [ZDoom_Mod/WIP/NSFW] Diablo Monsters v52 
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Post Re: [ZDoom_Mod/WIP/NSFW] Diablo Monsters v52
Okay, I wasted time with a smart/mobile phone online game. I think it's quite good for trying to be the best in the rpg category. Tried it on a bigger client equipment though, still lags because of my unwise indecisions, lol. I believe that it's a game not for kids despite the fact it's a final fantasy revampishness, looks definitely better despite graphics resource requirement being extensive, lol (ff ain't really for baby kids [early pokemon titles] though so yeah...). I wouldn't mind preloading, but more importantly, wished that I could get nab onto some of those media assets. Definitely more than I could imagine. Oh well, it's someone's call anyways.

Technical talk aside, I found some in game things that might be a pet peeve. I think allowing the loaning of other's summon assistance makes the game too easy. However, I do enjoy the benefit of getting some rupies on the side. Good if I don't play for a long time, you get something at least. Draw chance for gains probably too numerous for my taste. Maybe it's like having superb items rain on me once in a while and I'm too used to the drill and grill of roguelikes. No more random monster encounters? Come on, it's fucking good shit, at least per (world/town) click? The combat relies on quest modules, which is okay to me since at least you get your turn rpg combat steam going. You might want to click skip for reruns if you want. Worst spoils than the summon loans or draw item abundance, would be the extra weapons equipment stacking. It's like the ultimate cheat. All you have to do is to equip as much according to the hitpoints and damage rating value. If I could equipment quite a plenty, maybe certain restrictions or have equipment effect so it's not always a simple numbers game? I probably wouldn't mind if the restriction on the three cheats go implemented. That way, I would have probably a more fun time thinking about the frontlines, relying in emphasis of spells, items, equipment switches, and summons. Probably off-topic, I wouldn't mind if the summons became a part of the party rather than being a magic move/attack. I feel the beastmaster/druid/nature in me.

Anyways, I think I'm done until I want a monumental challenge in turn-based rpg front line combat. It's an online game and yes, superior quality needs superior requirements, especially if you deck it out. Okay, now it's back to worm man time after a few days break? Okay... lol.

EDIT (29/03/2018):
-Okay, other than rl aside, it's hell picking up the worm man. Just got thru renaming the sprite image files. Still need to do graphic coordination, audio sound list definition, and coding based on the thorned hulk. Sounds like a ready plan. Might move the thorn hulk to future wide tree actors (thorn creeper added to thin tree actors). Will leave the festering appendages to the thorn creeper nest. Rhino man or siege beast will completely replace Arachnotron role for making the game much easier to contend with than having everything raising and running in circles while losing ammo until you reach the center for cells and cell packs, risking danger on map07 (you really need to know how to use your ammo for the right situation).

EDIT (01/04/2018):
-April Fools. Okay guys, that game is full of worthless game currency. The most demanded ones is obviously more inclined for purchase or you literally have to wait it out. Rupies can be aimless as free when it comes to bingo/draw/gamble. Other useful currencies will have to be fought in certain hard battles (coop is a rupies battle, it's coop anyways).
-Anywho, I'm sick and tired of the newb models. I am back. I did work on the graph base coordination though. True progress at the least.
-And there's a bit of mishap in the color pixel definition. Very dismaying. WILL EDIT AND RECORD AFTER GRAPH COORDINATION. Nevertheless, I am committed to press to the issue. The matter of quality is necessary.
-Ah! Fucking spider! Bitch ass spider got fucking whacked, motherfucker! I'm gonna take a break from the sprite editing, since it's probably the whole fucking thing. Not as hard as d1 succubus, but can get repetitive. BREAK!

EDIT (05/04/2018):
-Aw shit. I think I have to get rolling with the sales event for that damn thing. Will siphon a bit of time, sorry about that. I am getting up to a few angles done per day though. See you later.

EDIT (05/04/2018):
-Damn, that Maskim Xul wad is some fucked up lovecraftian shit! Playing with the combos so it's fucking hell! Might diablo it laters! Holy shit! Next map in test is the DARK UNIVERSE-part 1; sci-fi Marathon like horror. Also, need to check on that rpg thingie, zzz.

EDIT (11/04/2018):
-Both wads incompatible or unplayable. Oh well. It's hard getting thru the spriting.

EDIT (14/04/2018):
-The stranger map has potential for keeps.
-Oh yeah, I probably did about 2/3 angles; lots of pain while getting the pixels working right. OW!

EDIT (16/04/2018):
-Getting 30 mins rest for each angle work, fuck! Better not hurt myself. It's been a while since I did extensive spriting like for the entire set!
-Damn, that browser, I mean, mobile, game, was quite the toughest girl game I ever experienced! It was tough! I'm barely utilizing all out maximum exp allocations. I just focused on one summon and character, but didn't know of another simultaneous method. You know, I might make a doom tc based on the themes of this game; however, it's not going to be my average basis though.

EDIT (17/04/2018):
-My machine is running hard as of now than it is already is. Need to copy up stuff. Need printer paper and ink to print ascii codes. Might peruse old/new machine. Gosh.

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